The New Earth- Awakening and Standing In Our Truth

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The Earth is going through an awakening process and much is taking place. Thankfully, we are ascending into a higher level of consciousness and slowly becoming a better version of ourselves. As I have discussed in previous articles, I am happy to say that I have undergone my own spiritual journey and awakened to a new state of awareness- aligning with my authentic self and transforming into a greater version of my being. It is a wonderful feeling to stand in your truth and stand for your beliefs and convictions.


If we do not stand up and speak our truth, we will never be our true “authentic” selves and honestly age before our time. The more we speak truth, the better we will feel and look- physically, mentally and emotionally. We will be less exhausted and more youthful, knowing we are in alignment with our “true selves” and transforming into our greatest selves.


We should not wear masks, in the metaphorical sense, and always be who we are meant to be, as difficult as it may be at times, on our journey to raising the earth’s vibration and living our best life. Let’s become our best self and speak truth. Now is the time!


What we are seeing now are people standing in their truth and becoming their most authentic selves. People are now coming together and using their voices- for the good of the collective- to raise the vibration of the planet for the good of all humanity.


People are uniting, unlike I’ve ever seen before, and are determined to make positive changes. In reference to spirituality and wellness, we are literally going through a spiritual warfare- where light and dark are battling one another for the future well-being of the planet.


Light, love and God’s intentions will always overcome darkness and fear. However, in order for this to manifest, we as a collective must unite and stand up for what is right- It’s about integrity and the good of all Humanity. As long as people are speaking their truth, not just going along with status quo, positive change will be made. What we are seeing now are people standing in their truth and becoming their authentic selves. The protests are a great example of this.


Although, we are at a huge crossroads on our journey, we must build on the momentum of the moment for “real change”.  This is a historical time where the collective is speaking out against injustice, which unfortunately exists in many areas of society, and stand up for what’s right.


There is power in numbers and people are now speaking out against these glaring injustices with the goal of reforming an “unjust system.” A system that is broken and undermines the good of all humanity needs to be changed!


Allowing organizations to dictate what is just or right is no longer acceptable and with the advent of technology- actions are being caught on camera and shown for all the world to see. If we continue on the path we are currently on, with no change, we will lose sight of what is truly right and just.


This is a monumental, unprecedented time where we must do the right thing and do the right thing for our generation and for future generations to come! Stand up for what is just and right and take back our power which has essentially been stolen from us.


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 You are all amazing and wonderful! Never doubt it and rise to the occasion and stand for truth, honor, and justice! Hope to see you soon and stay well!



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  • Josiah Thomas
    4 years ago

    Very true and wise my friend and I very much enjoyed reading it as I always do. I love you my friend and you are awesome ❤️❤️

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