A New Earth

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With the current pandemic going on, we can feel the energy shifts and we are moving towards a “New Earth.” What does “A New Earth” mean?


Those of you who have been reading my blog posts know that I have been on my own spiritual journey and understand that although we are experiencing difficult times, the Earth is moving into a new place.


We are essentially experiencing an “Awakening” and as we come into our own “most authentic” selves, we will become more powerful and slowly transform into the greatest version of ourselves- elevating the vibration of the planet. Staying positive and at the same time, eating healthy and being physically active will continue to be very important on our journey to balance ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Understanding that eating healthy and staying physically active is very important on our journey to wellness and becoming our “best” selves. Our body is our temple and we should treat it as such. After all, we only have one body. We need to appreciate and respect it. When we take care of our body to the best of our ability, it will take care of us.  I like to think of “Food as fuel” and when we nourish ourselves with the proper balance of macronutrients, we feel, look, and become our best selves! It is when we listen to our intuition and eat to where we are almost full, not stuffed, we fuel our bodies and transform into our greater selves.


This is how we slowly transform and reach our full potential while co-creating the reality we want for ourselves in this New Earth. We have full potential to manifest the life we want. It is only when we truly know this and align with our true selves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, can we create the life we envision. This no doubt will come with challenges and we must face them head on, knowing we are enough and can stand in our power, ready to meet any obstacle on the way.


In order to raise the vibration of the planet, we need to focus on the positive and align with everything that is love and light. As we evolve into our “most authentic” selves, we need to focus on being positive, compassionate, and loving. Love always conquers fear and when we find ourselves in a challenging situation, a good question to ask ourselves is “does this align with love and light” Does this align with the life I want to lead?” If the answer is no, we need to go within, meditate, and look for answers. How can I refocus my energy into changing the situation where I am aligned positively, with love and light, and transform into my best self?  It is only when we go within and listen to our intuition, can we find those answers.


Light will overcome darkness and the sun will shine again after the clouds is a good way to think about it. Remain steadfast in who you are and your goals for your mind, body, and soul, and we will raise our vibration.


Sometimes the answers may not come that easy. Sometimes the challenges may be too hard and have no easy solutions. This is when we hold on to our faith, persevere, and trust in God and the Universe that Divine Timing, hard work, love, patience and persistence will endure! Let’s face it. Every obstacle is unique and comes with a new set of challenges. If we continually go within, listen to our intuition, as well as pay attention to the signs and synchronicities that God and the Universe provides for us, we will slowly find answers and manifest the new reality we would like to see for ourselves, bigger and better than before! It may take longer than we would have liked, but when God and the Universe are in charge, Divine Timing never lies! We must continue to have hope and believe “All Is Well” and will be greater than before!


I believe we all have the ability to co-create the reality we want for ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. As challenging as things may be, we can elevate our vibrations, by taking care of our physical being, as well as our emotional and spiritual bodies. Meditating, going within, listening to our intuition, eating healthy, being physically active, and aligning with our “most authentic” selves are key steps into transforming into our best selves and raising the vibration of the “New Earth.”


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You are all amazing and wonderful and I hope to see you soon!














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