Meditation and Mindfulness: Now Is The Time

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I hope that everyone is staying safe, healthy, and calm during these uncertain times. I believe that we should take this time to really go within, and reflect upon who we are and who we want to become. Really, now is the time for reflecting on how far we’ve come and how far we need to go, to become the “person” we envision ourselves becoming.


Let’s really go within and self-reflect on our goals, ambitions, and desires and ask ourselves, “Is this the person whom I envisioned myself to be? Am I a person that I am proud of and can I look in the mirror and say I believe I am living my best life or becoming the greatest version of myself? If not, what do I need to work on to become that person? What do I need to do now to get on the path to my ultimate spiritual path and become the greatest version of myself?”


As a child, what did I see for myself and what goals and ambitions did I have that may have gotten lost along the way in our earthly life. Is there a spark that I need to reignite to regain the passions I once had and may have lost along the way on my journey.


I believe that we are constantly evolving and have opportunities along the way to always re-evaluate our lives and constantly become the greater version of ourselves. Do I stand for the values I as a child possessed?  If not, let me work on myself now to get there. It is not a time to be self-critical, yet self-reflective, to really tune into our intuition and rise to the occasion to ascend into the greatest version of ourselves. We can do it! 


We are co-creators of our reality and by taking the time to meditate and go within, we can tune into our own power to reach for what it is we may have missed along the way, that we now have a chance to rebirth! It is never too late and as long as we possess faith and hope, and through the power of God and the Universe, we can walk the path to our fulfillment, that we thought may have been lost along the way. That fire or spark that we once possessed, that may have been put out, will be reignited!


Societal programming, caring too much what others think of us, following the conditioning of what’s expected of us, people pleasing, and putting our own wants and needs aside to cater to others’ needs first, may have led us astray on our own path, but no more!


External validation does not create fulfillment and joy within. Giving to others, and not ourselves, will ultimately deplete us and leave us feeling empty. Temporary contentment is not more important than self-fulfillment, or living the life that we are destined to live. Not to say that we cannot help others, but boundaries and self-love, must first be honored and respected.


We cannot give away our power and expect happiness. Now is the time to take back our power and become empowered on our own journey to live the life we envision for ourselves!


As I mentioned in a previous article, self-love is the most important lesson I have been learning on my own spiritual journey and nobody can give this to you, or take it away, unless you allow them to!


Yes, we will still experience setbacks, but we will not have inner peace until we listen to our own intuition and not allow societal programming, or anyone else for that matter, tell us what is right or important. We decide what is right for us! Not societal brainwashing!


Our intuition and holding true to our own values, are key. At the end of the day, if we do the right thing (when nobody is looking), we cannot go wrong. Words to truly live by.


We know as intelligent beings, what the right thing is, so we need to do it! God, ourselves, and the Universe, is who we answer to, nobody else!


Life is a series of choices, and making wise choices creates the script to our story. The way to make the best choices is to really tune into what we desire for ourselves and listen to our intuition. We will have obstacles and challenges along the path, only to help us grow stronger and ascend to who we are destined to become.


Rise from the ashes like the phoenix to become truly empowered beings, living our soul mission here on earth, to help raise the vibration of the planet and work towards the greater good! We all have the ability to become the greatest version of ourselves and help make the world a better place. Now is the time to do it!


Using meditation music, which can be found on Itunes or Youtube, to really tune out distractions, is very helpful for going within and connecting with our intuition. Listening to our intuition and our inner selves will lead us successfully on our destined path to becoming the greatest version of ourselves.


How to Meditate: Picture a golden light around you protecting your energy, tune out all distractions, and take 10-15 minutes to go within and tune into your inner soul’s calling. Set the intention for what you want in life and listen to your intuition. When you do this, you will live your purpose.


Listen to your intuition and what God and the Universe has in store for you. You are best equipped to find that purpose and can become your best self in doing so. No need to feel shame or guilt for wanting happiness and knowing you are worthy of it! You would not have come this far on your journey if your were not worthy. Know your self-worth and believe it!  Let’s work as a collective to raise the vibration of the planet, become our best selves, and work towards the greatest good of all!


You are all amazing and capable and I will continue to work on my own spiritual journey to becoming the greatest version of myself, as I believe this is an evolving process and as long as we are ready for growth and transformation, we will get there and experience the miraculous freedom and love it bestows.

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Hope to see you soon!


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