When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade By Maria Khaled RD, LD

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We’ve all heard the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But, how many of us actually create something out of nothing, act as a true alchemist, and co-create with the Universe? If we are able to rely strictly on our own devices, ourselves and not rely on someone else, live off the back of another, or steal from others, then we are acting in our true authenticity.

We are co-creating with the Universe and stepping in to our divine power. I have learned how to take all of the obstacles, pain, challenges and trauma that I have endured and transmute it in to power.

Essentially, make lemonade out of lemons. Not view these obstacles as something to complain about, but see them as lessons necessary to master before I can receive my true blessings. Once I step into my power, true authenticity  and my calling, the Most High, Divine and Universe will usher in what is meant for me to elevate and truly transform into the individual that I am meant to become.

Funny I say this because as a kid, I absolutely loved eating lemons. I’d go through eating several in a day, just plain enjoying every drop of the bitter, sour taste. One slight cringe from the initial bitterness and I was still all in.

Although, I still enjoy lemons, I do n0t eat them by themselves as much as I once did, but still know the importance of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. No use just complaining about it, create something out of it, view it as a lesson and transform into that greatest version of yourself.

Do your best to start mastering your emotions and creating that inner peace needed to truly thrive, even after having been held captive, against your will and unknowingly, by false family members and false karmic ex friends.

I have learned to overcome many obstacles on my path. As I have been documenting, my false karmic family members and false ex friends have gone to great lengths to steal, defame, slander, commit identity theft, steal a great inheritance, and try to destiny swap-.

These individuals have worked tirelessly to create a false narrative about me, over and over, and have sabotaged me in many areas of my life by continuously hammering this false defamatory narrative about me, defaming, slandering, committing identity theft/perjury to make me lose many opportunities in my life. They have entrapped me through a false smear campaign, defamation and bribery so I would not be able to elevate and transform into that greatest version of myself. Working with a dark secret society and trying to play God in my life is how they have gotten this far.

However, once I ‘ve awakened and became enlightened and broke out of the illusi0ns, I have n0w stepped into my power and am transforming into that greatest version of myself.

I view the obstacles, challenges, and setbacks as lessons necessary on my journey to have gone through in order for the Most High and Divine to grant me my true blessings. I have stepped into my power and healed and learned to master my emotions and become one with myself. I am always transforming, elevating, leveling up and healing on my journey to becoming my best self and are helping others do the same on their journey.

I have learned that Acceptance is a huge part of the j0urney. I had to learn that once you do everything in your power to guide an individual on his/her right path, help them as best as you can, exhaust all resources with the hopes of a desired outcome and you do not see that desired outcome come to fruition, you must learn to accept people and situations for who and what they are and meet them where they are at.

Remember, the saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” holds true. It ultimately comes down to that person and whether or not they are willing to face their shadow side, heal childhood wounds/trauma, and transform into their best self. They have to make that decision for themselves and be willing to face their shadows, look fear right in the eye and overcome it. Use it as a springboard, a lesson of growth and level up in the process to transforming into their best self. Running away from your shadow will never heal you. It will leave you in a continuous cycle.

As much as we want to help others, acceptance is key here and letting go and let God in these situations, especially when we know we’ve done everything in our power and still have fell short. This is time to hand it over to the Most High and the Universe and let go and let God. Have that mustard seed of faith that all will work out for everyone’s highest good, as hard as this is, and accept the situation for who and what it is.

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