Judgment Day and Transforming Into Our Best Self by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As I discuss the spiritual journey that I’ve been on along with the spiritual warfare taking place at the highest levels, I ask how our rights as a nation are being compromised? I know on my warfare journey, my privacy, constitutional and basic human rights have been compromised.
I believe the gang stalking, hidden cameras to violate privacy, blocking and rerouting mail are huge federal offenses. The fact that these things have been taking place for so long boggles my mind, even though I know divine intervention and divine timing is at play.
It makes me wonder how free of a nation are we truly and do we stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if there are secret societies doing their best to swap/stop destinies and allow for such violations of freedom?
Have people also lost their moral compass to take part in these dark, secret societies to literally attempt to take people out for their own selfish gain become a twisted norm?
The plot to frame a true empress is exposed. Stealing a divine inheritance from an empress including land, property, inheritance, a home, and giving it to a fake empress (doppleganger) is exposed. Placing false allegations, creating fake accounts, setting up an empress to take the fall for this false family’s crimes of murder, embezzlement, laundering, trafficking, business and identity theft, blocking/rerouting mail are federal crimes.
These individuals, false karmic family members, false karmic ex friends and false officials from Government down will be held accountable.
Spiritual warfare is what many lightworkers, starseeds, chosen ones go through at the highest level. Divine intervention has taken place and thanks to the Most High, my divine spirit team, angels, ancestors of the highest white light, spirit guides, and ascended masters have done everything in their power to protect me and my family.
I am eternally grateful for all the protection and will continue to transform into the greatest version of myself and live out my mission to help raise the vibration of the planet.
As I have spoken about, we are entering into a new timeline. Enough of the old timeline stricken with karmic cycles, phony love, and attempts to energy harvest and destiny swap, change is finally here.
In this new timeline, we will be faced with a fair balancing of the scales and not allow covert corruption, government, dark secret societies or any brother/sisterhood engaging in any type of criminal behavior to exist.
These things will be made right with the Most High and Divine overseeing that we get what is rightfully ours and put an end to corruption at all levels, once and for all.
My goal as a lightworker, starseed chosen one is to help others transform mentally, emotionally, physically and become the best version of ourselves. My mission is to help awaken and enlighten individuals so they can ascend and develop ultimate self-love, get rid of codependency, develop a healthy relationship with food and themselves, and transform into their best selves.
Let’s all do our best on our journeys to use our gifts of discernment to see through the false veils of illusions many have put up so we can overcome all evil and live righteously, justly and humbly serving the Most High and others.
Contact Nutrition Wellness at 407-698-3121 and start transforming into the greatest version of yourself. 

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