The Year of the Dragon: The Scales Finally Balancing by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As we have been on our spiritual paths and journey, overcoming obstacles and hurdles as we transform into the greatest version of ourselves, we are now starting to see that justice is on its way. No longer do we see through veils of illusion, with others attempting to blind us, steal from us and create false narratives and illusions. We finally have awakened to the deceit, and see people and things for who and what they truly are.

Many of us star seeds, lightworkers and chosen ones have been dealing with a false reality- of who we truly are and what our mission looks like. Those whom we trusted have let us down, those karmic family or friends, that have failed to be truthful, transparent and give us the rightful credit, belongings and entitlement that we truly deserve on our journey as chosen ones. No more in this Year of the Dragon.

We are now risen to the fact that many people, even those from childhood (such as in my situation with karmic family stealing a great inheritance that I was not made aware of) have fed us false narratives of who we are, where we came from and the importance of our mission here on Earth. We have been overlooked, underestimated, denied, ignored, gaslighted, falsely and critically judged, lied on, defamed online and in the community and stolen from while being targeted for false allegations and character assassination. No more in the Year of the Dragon.

All along we have been peacefully living our lives and have been innocent beings working towards healing, ascension and raising the vibration of the planet. Many of us have had our own karmic families and ex friends work very hard to create these false narratives to lie on us, deem us unworthy and incompetent so that we dd not receive what is rightfully ours, In my case, it is a great inheritance that I was never made aware of. I have been detailing this throughout my spiritual warfare battle and know justice is taking place. Things are being investigated behind the scenes and I promise that Justice is and will be served. Vindication is here in the Year of the Dragon for chosen ones! Praise Be The Most High.

This year, 2024, is the Year of the Dragon and when the scales of Justice will be balanced. I am mentally and emotionally prepared for these changes to take place and know that I was put here on my path for a time such as now.

I have been training for this moment for lifetimes and will not allow any person or thing to steal my blessings, nor blind me of my birthright and what is rightfully my ancestral and earthy inheritance.

I thank the Most High, my Angels, Ancestors, and Ascended Masters whom worked so hard for me to help me ascend mind, body and soul and I welcome in these blessed changes knowing I am moving forward and stepping into who I truly am on this spiritual journey- God’s anounted Chosen one meant to help awaken people and ascend. Praise Be The Most High!

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