Perception and Judgment in Society: Calling All Lightworkers On Our Spiritual Path by Maria Khaled

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On our spiritual path, it’s important to realize that judgment and perception in this world is something that is pervasive and as a nation, we really need to be mindful of not judging others. We live in a world where judgment is everywhere and difficult to escape. We are programmed to see judgments made around us and it is up to us to put an end to judging others as a nation.

Whether it be aloud, or subconsciously, the goal is to move towards a true judgment free zone, not labeling or placing people in boxes for their choices, beliefs, or traits solely because they may be different from ours.

It is not our place, nor do we have the permission or entitlement to place judgment on others. Unfortunately, it’s like society is telling us otherwise. Only the Most High can judge us and as long we align to who we truly are and live authentically, can we evolve into that greatest version of ourselves and really ascend to who we are meant to be.

For those of us lightworkers and starseeds who have been blocked and stopped in many areas of life due to envious and jealous false family members and friends, etc., it’s important to know that judgment day is here. For all those who have gone through the trials and tribulations, spiritual warfare at its best, know that all that was done in the dark, will now come to the light and everyone will be seen for who they truly are.

No more hiding and thinking you will never have to face accountability for your actions. It is truly judgment day and vital for all lightworkers to stand strong in their convictions and under no circumstances, let the enemy’s illusions or trickery deceive them ever again.

The veil has been lifted and what was done in the dark will now come into the light. The spiritual and physical bullying (all done behind closed doors and covertly) and only amongst groups and in reality, a true bully does not need a group to go against one individual, let alone do it behind closed doors.

A true bully will face their opponent, one on one, like back in the day, without the need to plot with groups and work tirelessly to deceive them in a covert manner. Only weak minded and weak spirited individuals need to work in groups to attempt to take down their opponent collectively because they do not have the will, nor the strength to do it on their own. So, I do not know if that word bully really applies.

A hidden enemy, opponent, someone or several individuals working together to take a lightworker down all for their own selfish agendas is one way of looking at it. A true bully would have the courage to face their opponent, one on one, and as I said, not work covertly behind the scenes creating plans, plots and tactics with groups to do everything in their power to lie, cheat and steal from an innocent individual.

Also, defame, steal their livelihood, inheritance, property, bribe others not to work or have any relationships with them, take out false life insurance policy out on them, work in groups to set up their demise and cash in. That’s no true bully!

What happened to the old school days back in school where if someone has a problem with you, they come to you right there and then and settle it in the schoolyard. They don’t use groups to work against you and handle their business one on one- with whatever outcome may arise. That’s a true bully.

Someone who does things on their own, right or wrong, but does not need to fake smile, hide behind a mask and work covertly with magic, pay practitioners and groups to hammer away at another, spread lies and false allegations, never coming clean to that individual about their true feelings or intentions about them or why they are working against them. Willing to take it to their grave for the sake of lies, greed, slander, manipulation all with a common goal of destroying another for false reasons, greed, jealousy and envy and thinking they could manipulate energy to destiny swap- The Most High says no and now you will face consequences for all of your actions that you have done and no stone will be left unturned in deciphering all of those dirty deeds done in the dark to destroy a lightworker.

That same passion and desire that you used and worked collectively as a group to destroy an innocent individual is the same passion and desire that the lightworker, the Most High and The Divine Spirit team, as well all of the earth angels on Earth will work tirelessly to expose the dark enemy, have them publicly humiliated (since you took so much joy in attempting to do this to an innocent individua) and held to the full accountability of the law for every action they took against God’s anointed one.

Every phone call slandering that anointed one to her place of employment to get her terminated or not asked back, defamed on the internet and in the community with false editing and AI of videos using dopplegangers portraying her in a light that is furthest from her true divine character, every false planted evidence that these people thought could frame her for a crime that she never committed in her life, all in a joint effort, with one goal in mind- to set this individual up for a crime never committed, have everyone turn against her and keep her isolated using fear tactics so when they set up her demise, it looks as if she did it to herself through bad choices (which she would never commit or engage in). Furthermore, steal her inheritance, property, take out a false life insurance policy on her so when her demise is set up, a dirty coven thinks they can split the proceeds- NOT!

All the while paying and bribing community members, officials, people in the community to work against her just to steal her inheritance. All of these false individuals will be exposed and remember that good old law of attraction, what you put out into the Universe is what you will now get back. Everything that you wanted for that individual will now  happen for you- whether it be job loss, love loss, imprisonment, sickness or death will come for those who put these evil out into the ethers. The time has come to remove these dark individuals from the path of the anointed so we can raise the vibration of the planet and do God’s work on earth. The time is here and the time is now. Get ready to reap what you have sown.

We are in a season of authenticity and where the New World order is coming into play. Praise be the Most High and keep transforming into the greatest version of yourself.

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