The Health Benefits of Spices on A Weight Loss Journey

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Are spices good for us? Did you know that spices can actually help you lose weight? Yes, it is true that incorporating in certain flavorful spices into your meal plan can actually speed up the process of weight loss? Meal plans do not have to be dull, bland and boring- did you know? They can be delicious and one of my goals in developing meal plans for clients is to put together creative, delicious meal plans that not only meet one’s caloric and macronutrient needs, but also their taste buds, and allows them to enjoy their food, while mindfully focusing on their meal in the present moment. Eliminating distractions while eating and tuning into the body’s hunger signals intuitively allows us to really enjoy taste, textures, flavors, and wonderful spices to help meet our dietary needs.

Aside from spices allowing for a tastier meal plan, certain spices can also help you lose weight. So you ask- which spices are those? Let’s take a look. Several studies have been done on this and what has been found is that spices such as cumin, coriander, tumeric, cinnamon, cayenne and black pepper have all been found to help people lose weight and add flavor to meals. Research has shown that these spices have a thermic effect on the body- which increases the body’s heat and speeds up metabolism to help one lose weight. Several of these spices that have this impact is: cumin, coriander, tumeric, cinnamon, cayenne and black pepper.

We can spice up our foods and make them tasty with these wonderful spices. Realizing that spices and herbs are the best way to add flavors to your food without adding calories, sugar, and sodium.

Cumin- Did you know that adding one tablespoon of cumin to your meals can help you burn fat 3 times more fat. Cumin can be added to many different types of meals such as soups, dressings, veggies, and stews. Spicy and good for you too- isn’t it time to get some cumin in your diet?

Rosemary- has been known to increase metabolic rate and aid digestion and weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper- also helps raise body temperature and boosts metabolism. The higher the metabolism, the more calories burned.

Ginger- helps to control blood sugar levels and also has a thermogenic effect (fat-burning) property and can be added to teas, salads, fish, fruits and more.

Black pepper- Did you know black pepper can help you lose weight? Black pepper is rich in piperine, which gives pepper it’s distinct flavor. This ingredient helps prevent the formation of fat cells and helps people to shed those extra stubborn pounds.

Cardamom- One of my favorite foods include Indian food. I absolutely love the spices that are used and cardamom is one of them. Cardamom also has that thermogenic effect and helps you lose weight. Adding just a little of cardamom to your food, can aid you on your weight loss journey to your desired weight and dietary goals.

Cinnamon- is also known to help control blood sugar levels and control hunger cravings.  You can add cinnamon to yogurt, oatmeal, and tea. Cinnamon is tasty and also has a themogenic effect on the body to help you lose weight. I occasionally like to add cinnamon into my coffee to absorb some of that great flavorful spice!

Tumericis another spice known to have beneficial health effects. One way in which tumeric helps with losing weight is by regulating sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance. Tumeric is known to have several health benefits and more can be learned at .

So, realizing spices have tremendous benefits to aid us on our weight loss journey, as well as make our foods taste wonderful and spicy, is all the more reason to incorporate these wonderful ingredients into our meal plans. Indian food contains many of these spices mentioned above and happens to be one of my top 3 favorite foods. Any Chicken Tikka Masala lovers out there? Anybody that loves spicy food must try this dish and you will not be disappointed. Several spices included in this tasty dish (and is only as spicy as you like it- you can get it mild, moderate or spicy) include cumin, tumeric, coriander, paprika, chili powder, and garam masala. I hope you can try some and let me know how you like it!

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