Wellness: A Time To Look At Life Differently

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We are going through an interesting time right now, unlike anything we have ever seen before. As a collective world, we will get through this and become stronger than before. The time of this global pandemic is a time I believe also of a collective “Awakening” allowing us to see that we are all connected and united, we stand strong. Yes, it is difficult to accustom to this challenging time and adapt to a new way of looking at life and communicating in a different way. We will get through this with determination, perseverance and faith.


Social distancing and isolation can take a toll on some and it is important to stay connected through phone, social media, and any other means of technology to foster a sense of unity and togetherness. We need to stay positive and move forward on this path to gain greater meaning from this unorthodox time in our lives. We now need to regenerate our rigid views of life and embrace the “new”.  I agree with the idea of journaling our thoughts and feelings at this time and moving forward towards where we “envision” ourselves to be in the near future. We all must play a part in this “new earthly” view.


We are now forced to go within and start focusing on our lives in a different way. Working from home, online classes, telehealth, are all new means of where we are moving during this time. Let’s try to break free from the earthly perspective and transition into a more spiritual perspective of understanding that as hard as it may be, everything happens for a reason. Although we may not understand it, from a spiritual perspective, I believe there are NO coincidences in LIFE. Everything that happens to us, we are meant to undergo. Every individual that crosses our path, plays a role on our path, whatever that may be.


All of the challenges that we face, we are meant to endure and overcome to become stronger, more resilient, and hopefully, wiser on our path to ascension. As sad as many obstacles that we face are, I truly believe that we are all able to heal and become more enlightened individuals if we stay positive, unite, and connect with God and the Universe. It is a matter of divine timing and understanding of our journey. We are all capable of attaining all that we desire and can manifest it with a positive mindset and working together to become our best selves.


Many times, people get caught in living in a “bubble.” The universe is now asking us to reset. Since I’ve been on my spiritual journey, and although always having a strong connection with God, I have become more enlightened and awakened to many things in my life now. I believe that it is at this time, we all need to go within, meditate, and manifest those things we would like for ourselves and the greater good. Raising the vibration of the planet is key now and will lead to a more harmonious society where hopefully, we can live in a more peaceful manner with one another. Many are raising the vibration now, by working together to help one another in a collective manner, to deal with the current circumstances.


Release what no longer supports you and simplify your life are some of the messages I believe we need to hear now. We can work towards more of a balance in our lives by doing this. We all have a light within us which needs to shine now -more than ever! Our light will overcome the darkness and the hardest of obstacles if we manifest a more harmonious society, living in peace, with a spiritual connection to God and the greater good. Remember, we co-create our reality! Let’s work now to make things better for the collective as a whole.


We will move through this successfully, but there will be a change in how we do things. Instead of the notion of “every man for himself,” we need to work together more as a collective society in a peaceful manner to manifest positivity and raise the vibration of the planet. There is a need now more than ever to pull together as a collective to shine that light, stay positive even when it’s hard (and believe me I know many times it is), and help one another, rather than divide. Enough negativity, judgment, and division in society. Our health, wellness, and overall future depends on it!


Transformation, physically, by losing weight, and mentally, emotionally and spiritually, by tuning into how we can each become the greatest version of ourselves. The world is changing right now.  Now, trust in the Universe, protect your health, your energy, and transform into a better version of yourself. Remember, what you resist, persists. If we continue to resist our truth, things will persist. We need to find balance and stop resisting the new path. If we embrace it, we will slowly transform into a better version of who we are and raise the collective vibration of the planet.


Nutrition Wellness is here for you and welcomes anyone interested in losing weight and transforming into the greatest version of themselves. Through meditation, focusing on our health and wellness, and elevating our vibration to become better versions of ourselves, we will help the collective consciousness and support each other more now than ever.


Book your appointment with Nutrition Wellness to lose weight and transform into the greatest version of yourself. Call 901-321-5033 or email nutritionwellness@mariakrd.com


 You are all amazing and stay strong during this inauspicious time of our lives. Hope to see you soon!





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