War at Large vs War vs Self: The Inner Battle of the Internal War Against Greed and Desire for Others’ Destiny by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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War is something that has been going on for centuries now. History has shown this and the majority of all wars are fought over greed, money, land and/or religious persecution. However, the underlying factor is greed across the board. Whether it be due to material wealth, power or domination in reference to religion, the agenda is for one to overtake another through the use of force resulting in unnecessary violence and loss of life. We see this happening all over the world and it is very sad to see. Knowing the solution is peace and if only peoples’ greed were not to extremes, desiring what is not theirs, could the problem of war be stopped.

So, knowing war has been around for centuries and with all the advancements that we’ve made with civilization, this problem still exists on a global scale. In my view, I believe this all goes back to that underlying desire to control, have more than and in essence, be greedy and the feeling of being superior based on material wealth through the possession of land, money and/or dominance of religious values. All unhealthy traits but need to be viewed on an individual level before the notion of stopping wars on a global scale altogether could ever be solved.

If individual’s notions or desire to have more than what was meant for them are not changed at an individual soul level, war will continue to exist. Unless this is taught early on and mastered, I believe war on a global scale, as well as on a domestic scale, will continue to exist. As long as the human race remains greedy to an unhealthy extreme, world peace will not be achieved.

Let’s take a look at wars going on in a domestic and internal scale. How does this translate to larger divisions and violence with the unnecessary loss of life over what could have been prevented by willingness to accept what was meant for you. In essence, to not be greedy and want more than you’re destined to have is one way to really move away from the idea of war altogether.

Easier said than done right. But in all actuality, isn’t that what we are taught in primary grades and is not all that difficult to abide by. Only when individuals believe they are above the law and ego takes over, those rules learned in primary school go out the window. This is where the shadow work and healing need to be done internally in order to prevent wars both on a domestic and global scale. Also, the shadow work to heal the internal self and overcome any demons affecting ascending to a higher level in Christ consciousness or the good of all mankind.

Imaging having people, family, be the ones who are your biggest haters and wish nothing but the absolute worst for you. The very people that we would expect to be our biggest supporters, be the ones that are truly our biggest foes, dream killers if you will, not wanting us to achieve what is rightfully ours and doing everything in their power to steal, defame, lie on, isolate and even sacrifice you for their own greed, envy and jealousy. How much hatred and contempt can one have in their hearts to literally wish the worst on another and deny them any chance of achieving their dreams in whatever area of their life.

What, if any, effect would and could this have on an individual. Now mind you. You may be in a family where you have one, two or maybe 3 members that do want what’s truly good for you. Perhaps they may have warned you to be careful of certain family members’ intentions and told you to stay away from them, without specifically spelling things out and did their best to help you on your path. But, the remaining members have a completely different agenda and have outcasted you as a blacksheep, scapegoat that is the sacrifice for that family to have wealth, power, abundance and basically what was destined for you, as their own. Imagine having endured covert tactics by these family members to defame, isolate, slander and sabotage any money and love blessings that are destined for you due to pure greed and jealousy and desire to steal a great inheritance that was destined for you by your ancestors. How horrible is this? When the very ones you are taught to rely on and trust have the darkest intentions for you and would give you up with a flip of a coin for a great inheritance and what I call pure greed. Disgusting – isn’t it?

As I have discussed spiritual warfare between light and dark, good and evil, I have touched on much of my own journey which has led me to understand that this is my own true story. Although I do not have all the facts/ physical evidence yet, I know intuitively, through God, my angels and my ancestors that I have been the blacksheep in my own family. The scapegoat or sacrificial lamb, if you will, intended to be given as a sacrifice so as to have a great inheritance, destined for me by my ancestors, to be stolen and given to my karmic family and false friends/community who collaborated to defame, slander, perjure me in a court of law all in an effort to steal, deem me mentally incompetent, cast black magic (which is a real thing and can cause sickness, anxiety, depression, isolation, etc) all in an effort to steal this great inheritance of mine.

The sad part is also that many were involved in this collaboration whom we are also taught to rely on and trust. Officials, judges, court system, cops, investigators, banks and bank clerks, doctors and the health system, schools and school staff, all collaborating or participating in this defamation, slander, theft and also identity theft, taking BRIBES, defying their sacred oaths (for officials and judges and doctors) to steal what is rightfully not theirs. What happened to those primary core values learned at the primary school level as to not steal, lie or perjure another in the hopes of taking what is not yours or meant for some one else.

The scary part is that the methods used were covert tactics where these people would smile in your face and take place in all these abominable acts in the dark. Whether they were doing rituals such as black magic, death magic, freezer spells, binding spells, glamour spells, jar spells, accident spells, love and money blockages, voodoo, obia, etc. all in an effort to end me to steal my great inheritance. The goal was and is to either take me off the face of the earth, put me in jail or a mental institution.

Gang stalking on the roads and around town was also done at its highest levels and when I brought this to the cops, I was severely gaslighted as the local police, many, were in on the plot. USPS somehow was bribed and in on it as well as I was not receiving important documents regarding my prosperity in the mail and I had all these organizations collaborating covertly against me, all in an effort to seek my demise so this great inheritance remains theirs. Also, what is also known is that a false life insurance policy was taken out on me, and I know I am not alone as others have had life insurance policies taken out on them, without their knowledge. All in an effort to set up innocent peoples’ demise and cash in.

Also, scary thing is I am not the only one this has happened to. As a lightworker and chosen one, and with the grace of the Most High, Angels and Ancestors, I have been divinely protected and placed here to expose the inner corrupt working of these individuals posing under the guise of religion, but secretly living a double life and operating out of a coven where they energy harvest, human traffic, engage in sex parties/orgies, meet in lodges and underground tunnels and siphon energy off of chosen ones for fame, wealth, youth and success.

Again, scary facts but insurance agencies are also in on these life insurance scams as well. I began asking myself how do all these people collaborate in such horrible acts- and through dreams, direct downloads through the divine, spiritual video confirmation I realized it is through a coven and/or secret society where their motto is winning at all costs- no matter what loss of life takes place and taking what is not theirs to secure wealth, fame, success all in an effort to steal others destiny and these people work overtime, doing everything and anything to achieve their goals- making this their full time job to destroy innocent individuals, steal their destiny and make it appear as an accident or suicide or try to drive them insane or have them locked up to deem them incompetent and steal inheritances. This is how they make their living- off of stealing from others and sacrificing them.

It may sound bizarre, crazy and unrealistic but in time, more of this will come out and be exposed to the public for all to see the true cruelty of mankind and the abominable which we thought may never have been the case. For me, through dreams, direct downloads from the divine, spiritual videos confirmation and my own inner knowing, I have come to be certain that this is my story. Although I am not going into exact details as it would take much time, what I will say is the Most High does not play about his anointed ones and protection is all around- most importantly, Justice must be served. These people, corrupt officials and all, will lose jobs and have to rightfully pay back what is not theirs and will go to jail for their crimes.

I am confident that justice is and will be served to its full capacity and no amount of black magic on the court case can stop it. I vow to expose any and all people, to the best of my own knowledge, related to my own case and trust in the work of the Divine to help me receive full justice and expose what truly is going on in society. No more hiding. There is good/bad yes in every organization. Unfortunately, the bad ones in an organization ruin it for the rest of them and now they will be exposed.

As I stated, only until human greed for wealth, materialism, land or control subsides on an internal level, will peace on all levels be achieved. Until this is done individually and domestically, we cannot expect it to be done globally! I will do my part as a chosen one light worker to stand tall and expose things, as difficult as they may be on my own journey, for the greater good of all mankind and to rid the world of false officials, corruption on every level organization as once there is one bad apple in leadership, this negatively affects the rest. No more bribes or officials allowed to stay in power once they broke their oaths. These people must lose jobs and be replaced with people of integrity.

Laws must also be enacted for people placing false allegations on innocent individuals to deem them incompetent, slander or defame and jail time is needed for these criminals. I believe black magic and voodoo laws are also needed. Any practitioner engaging in such practices in my opinion deserves life behind bars- no opportunity for parole. This is murder and people are being murdered every day due to the spellwork, black magic and voodoo placed on them by practitioners which is a very scary thing. In ancient times, the death penalty was given to anyone casting death magic spells on others, especially innocent individuals, chosen ones or lightworkers here to raise the vibration of the planet. Folks, this is a real thing going on and affecting many negatively.

I will leave you with I walk in faith and not by sight. The Most High is shifting the energy and justice is and will be served at all costs. What is done in the dark will come to the light and all black magic being sent out will return to sender. Until people learn the hard way, things will not change. Stricter laws need to be enforced and better screening of individuals in the justice and political sectors are needed based more on integrity, core values and doing what is right when nobody is looking. If this can’t be done, you’re out.

Keep moving forward on your journey and transforming into the greatest version of yourself!

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