Spiritual Message on the Path to Enlightenment by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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For anyone going through a spiritual awakening and on the path to enlightenment, whether they have arrived or are on their way, I think it is important to note that each individual’s journey to spiritual awakening will have similarities and differences, depending on the warfare they are experiencing at the time and how they choose to go about it.

One important aspect of the journey is for anyone who has undergone spiritual warfare, however intense it may have been, it is important to go into a period of solitude or isolation in order to meditate, connect with the Most High God and your divine team, and go within. Through isolation and solitude, you can more freely tap into your purpose.

In order to open up to your divine purpose, we need to connect to the Most High, align with Source, discover our purpose and unlock any spiritual gifts that we may have been given. The best way to find out what our purpose is many times is to first go into a period of isolation and solitude.

It is only then can we really tune out distractions, go within, release what no longer serves us and start our path to spiritual awakening, healing and enlightenment. For me it was an essential ingredient to go in to hermit mode in order to move forward on my journey to awakening.

Had I not taken the time to isolate, go in hermit mode, and tune out all distractions, I do not believe I would have seen what was truly going on, seen things from that higher perspective and released what no longer served me. I had to tune out all distractions and really go within, listen to my intuition, listen to the Most High and co-create with source.

I began seeing many signs and synchronicities, having lucid dreams and having strong intuitive nudges about things that just came out of nowhere. I started waking up at 3:00 or 4:00 am in the morning, was getting red burning eye sensations (sign of spiritual awakening ruling out any other issues- always check first) and realizing some shifts were taking place and all of this was not your ordinary run of the mill sick symptoms- I was going through my spiritual awakening and on my path to enlightenment- finally! It was no fun process let me tell you, but a very necessary one.

I began researching about waking up 3 or 4 in the am. The red burning eyes, some flu like symptoms and found out more about spiritual awakening and what many times accompanies the process to enlightenment.

I started taking more time for myself, giving to myself as I was so use to giving to others and getting breadcrumbs in return. I started realizing that self-love and enlightenment are key on this journey and without those, the terrain would continue to remain tumultuous and extremely difficult to navigate.

As I went through my spiritual awakening and was on my road to enlightenment, many truths were revealed to me in the dream state, as well as the waking state and I started to release what no longer serves me, which has proved one of the most valuable things that I have done on my journey to awakening.

Having always been somewhat of a people pleaser, it was essential that I let go of what no longer served me, as hard as it was for me. I had to release friends (even if some of them were childhood friends), family, and anyone or thing that no longer served me. Even if these contacts were at a distance, I had to realize what was necessary for me and release them completely from my mindset once I found out they do not have my better interests at heart.

I came to the harsh realization that my inner circle or those few people I discussed much of my life with were the ones that I had to watch out for the most. Scary thought and as I continue to evolve on my journey, more truths will be revealed to me that will solidify this even more.

As difficult as all of the obstacles I have overcome have been, and more on their way and I will not detail all of them, yet want to leave you with the notion that as hard and strenuous as the road is, never give up.

You are capable of achieving your dreams with faith, your angels, ancestors and spirit team. Keep taking the necessary steps on your journey, listen to the signs and synchronicities of the Universe, and shine bright!!

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Believe it and You Will Achieve it!


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