The Lunar Eclipse and the End of Old Cycles- by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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So what took place yesterday was a lunar eclipse, where the moon enters Earth shadow, which can only be done when it’s on the opposite side of the Earth to the sun. The goal is for everyone to energetically release all old karmic cycles and cut cords with all people, places and things that no longer serve you.

Cord cutting rituals can be done to release whatever no longer serves you. This is an important part of the journey when we know we need to rid ourselves of toxic, karmic people, places and things that have been energetically and physically holding us back from what we are destined to do and become. It is so important for us to release energetically at this time and elevate and ascend on our journey to where we are meant to go.

With spiritual warfare at an all-time high, and light and dark are battling for a top spot, it’s important to be mindful of everything on the journey at this time. Remember, there are no coincidences and the Universe and spirt are always sending us signs and synchronicities on our path to greater consciousness and elevation.  It is so important for us to heed the warning signals and commit to who and what direction we want to go in as this new cycle approaches. It is the key in the difference to repeating old karmic cycles or habits or moving in a new direction altogether to align more with our spiritual ascensions- elevating mind, body and soul on the way.

In relation to our wellness, it’s important to do our best to release addictions to anything that harms our vessel in excess. For example, this may be food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, co-dependent behavior, gambling, promiscuity, etc. Basically, releasing addictions that may have been on one’s path in the past, whether through bad habits, being placed on many through spellwork, self-sabotaging behaviors, people pleasing and not having strong enough boundaries, etc.

Really doing an internal audit, releasing baggage in the form of people, places or things or choose to stay stuck repeating karmic cycles that will last and continue on the hamster wheel. Once we’ve awakened and ascended, there is no going back to sleep and repeating these karmic cycles because our souls know this is not where we resonate any longer and these people have taught us the lesson we needed. It is up to us to close out this karmic cycle and move on to what is destined for us on the path or we’ll remain stuck. No stagnant energy allowed at this point! Keep moving forward, no matter what- never giving up!

Keep releasing all old habits that no longer serve you, creating healthier habits on the journey and contacting Nutrition Wellness to help transform you into the greatest version of yourself!





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