The Lies We Tell, The Secrets We Keep: Hidden Sabotage to Steal Destinys by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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So I posted an energy reading today from You tube titled “Trying to Interfere with your job or business to be broke and have less.” I posted this reading because I wholeheartedly resonate with the message at hand. I have been documenting the spiritual warfare journey and discussing the battle between light and dark, good and evil. It talks about how a group of people, in my case karmic family and friends, working very hard to sabotage, interfere and block business prospects, clients, partnerships and collaboration.

They have used bribery tactics, isolation, defamation, slander, identity theft, and shadow-banned me on social media platforms all in an effort to make me give up entirely- be unseen, go broke, have less- so they can steal my great inheritance that I was never made aware of. They have paid people at all levels, using money (inheritance) that is not even theirs- it is mine in order to blacklist and blackball me from the community all in an effort to deem me mentally incompetent to steal this inheritance and erase me entirely from existence.

These karmic individuals, false family and friends are essentially stealing my identity, committing perjury and lying on me in courts of law to deem me incompetent, using my personal information for credit cards, loans, creating a business in my name and stealing my content, vision and ideas and making more profits that I am due to all of their sabotage. They are trying to be me in order to create false illusions and step into my destiny- which cannot and will not be done because it is not meant for them. The Most High will not allow for it. All people will be exposed and all their dirty deeds will be aired for all to see.

These individuals make it their full-time job to block any and all of my blessings- money, personal, love, etc. just to hold on to a great inheritance that was never meant for them to begin with. They used every covert tactic in the book, hacking emails and reaching out to clients and potential partnerships and using bribery, defamation and covert tactics and worked very hard to destroy any connections to help me elevate my potential and reach where I am meant to go. Again, all to steal my destiny, inheritance and blessings that were meant for me because they refuse to focus on themselves and do the work to achieve their own destiny!

What I will say is keep your integrity and if anyone is reaching out and speaking ill on my name or business, use your common sense and please do not believe it. Divine Timing is on its way and all people, trickery, bribery, manipulation will be exposed for the public to see and everyone will be held accountable. I will receive what is meant for me and be able to move on reaching my potential, without all of the blockages I believe have been there for the entirety of my life and were those that held me back when I knew I always deserved more. Nothing can stop destiny now once these blockages are removed- Praised be the Most High!

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