Strong Character and The Importance of Standing in Our Truth Against All Odds by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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So, when thinking about the importance of moving forward on our wellness journey, in order to truly transform into the greatest version of ourselves, it’s imperative that we be of strong character. The old saying that states “Stand for something or fall for anything” rings true and really refers back to the notion of strength of character. Without having a strong character and strong convictions on our wellness journey, holding steadfast to our core values and morals, we will never be able to truly transform into that greatest version of ourself.

There are certain core values or morals, for example, honesty, loyalty, discipline and hard work, that we want to embody to allow us to become the person we are determined to be. It is these solid core values and morals that we should really embody across the board in all areas of our life. Yes, it is true that we may be stronger in certain areas of our life than others, but the goal is to really hone in on those core morals and values across the board, so we will be on the way to transforming into our best selves.

The areas that we are lacking in, we need to hone in on and do our best to work towards improvement. However, remembering those solid core values and morals across the board in all areas of our life, is essential on our wellness journey to raising the vibration and becoming our best self. It is only then will we seek to improve whatever we need to and work on building the important strength of character vital to our success on the journey.

As I reflect on my own journey, filled with highs and lows, obstacles and adversity, as well as truly memorable moments, I realize that what we want in life boils down to the core value of who we are. If our morals and values align with what we attract and are surrounding ourselves with in our lives, we will call in what is meant for us. Through life experience, I have seen an array of different situations, people, circumstances, diversity, classes, neighborhoods, races, cultural influences and ethnicities and what I have seen, even when comparing classes, from my own limited experience, is that there is always good and bad. For example, I reflect on my own children and when they were little. Putting them in a top private school for a period of time and see that all is not always what it appears to be. A school with great resources, a good reputation, private amenities where I saw NBA players (will not mention names) and their kids walking around campus, does not always dictate better environment.

One may think that being of a higher class and surrounding yourself in an environment with great resources, experienced staff/teachers, a well-known school for its reputation, private amenities on campus, well-kept grounds, pools/tennis courts, etc. automatically leads to a better “education” or life experience and what I have seen is that this is not always the case. One may think people or parents and students in such an environment would automatically be happier, gain a more productive education and have all at their disposal.

In my experience, I have seen both good and bad in these situations and even noticed that there are false pretenses to this and have not seen this to ring true. Since as I have mentioned, good and bad people run at all levels of organizations, schools, environments, I have walked away with a knowing that a higher class does not equate with a better education, morals, values, etc. and the reverse to be true as well. A lower class does not always equate to better- and this applies to all areas of life- academics, happiness, productiveness, etc. It always boils down to that core individual and who they choose to become in life. Common sense does not tell us this and actually, I believe it tells us the reverse. It was not until I actually lived it and experienced this with my own eyes, did I truly believe it to be true.

Yes, resources are important and are always needed but, those important choices in life that every individual must make at one point, will always boil down to their core values and morals of the individuals at large. And to be honest with you, in my own experience, I’ve seen some better morals and values in some of those less expensive schools in reference to students and parents to some degree- with the idea in mind that it does always come down to the morals and values at hand of that individual and who they are and choose to become.

Of course, this will vary across the board and goes back to the notion that there is always good and bad wherever we go. Sometimes false pretenses, deception, fake smiles, master manipulators and money can mask things better rather than betraying accurate truths, authenticity and perceptions of what is truly going on without false illusions. Once one is woke and awakened however, their discernment will see right through any veils of illusion and know what is truly authentic.

Overall, keep transforming into the greatest version of yourself, one day at a time and contact Nutrition Wellness to get started on your wellness journey. Believe it and You Will Achieve it!









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