The Alkaline Diet by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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You may have heard about people eating a more alkaline based diet as of recent and drinking alkaline water all in an effort to improve their health. So, what is the alkaline diet all about and does it have any health benefits.

You may remember from Science class about alkaline and ph levels with 7 being neutral ph balance and any number below 7 would be more acidic. Also, any numbers higher than 7 would fall more into the alkaline category. So, what exactly do we know about the Alkaline Diet?

An alkaline diet is based on the premise that the foods that we eat affect our ph balance. Ph balance is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. It ranges from 0 to 17 with 0 being extremely acidic and 7 as neutral and 14 is very alkaline.

Diets high in certain foods, such as meat and grains and low in others, such as potassium, rich in vegetables and fruits can cause imbalances in blood ph that lead to a variety of health problems. This is known as the acid-ash hypothesis, which is why you sometimes hear of the acid-ash diet.

It is important to note that this premise is a hypothesis, unproven, regarding science- based evidence. (Healthline) However, this does not take away the fact that studies have shown numerous benefits with eating an alkaline based diet.

What is known is that the body intrinsically has an awesome ability to maintain a steady ph in the blood- regardless of the alkaline diet classifying foods as to how much acid is produced when digested. Acid forming foods produce a lower ph than 7 and alkaline foods result in a ph greater than 7.

On an Alkaline diet, the goal is to avoid acid forming foods such as meat, dairy, fish, eggs, grains and alcohol. The Alkaline diet encourages consuming more alkaline-forming foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes and limiting those foods that fall into the neutral category (around 7 ph) such as starches, sugars and natural fats.

Drinking alkaline water is another encouraged part of following an Alkaline diet. So the question arises, what are some benefits of such a diet?

Health benefits of the Alkaline diet and why is it could be good for you? Alkaline food supply important nutrients that help stop accelerated signs of aging and a gradual loss of organ and cellular functions. It can help us slow down degeneration of tissues and bone mass which can become compromised when too much acidity robs us of key minerals. (Alkaline by  Diet: The Key to Longevity and Fighting Chronic Disease? Levy, CHHC)

Alkaline Diet stresses eating foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes such as black, navy, and lima beans, drinking alkaline water, eating sprouts, wheatgrass, fermented soy, and seeds, as well as green drinks and green leafy vegetables (with chlorophyll.

Avoid more acidic foods such as high sodium foods, cold cuts and meats, processed cereals, eggs, oats, wheat products, milk, pasta, rice, bread and packaged grain products. Avoid alcohol and caffeine and make sure to exercise.

So, overall although the body has the intrinsic mechanism to balance our ph levels without doing it through food, making sure we are eating foods that help us continue the fight against aging, disease, inflammation, weight gain, all come into play and many of the foods encouraged on the Alkaline diet are whole, natural foods that are low carbohydrate and have substantial nutrients in them

Overall, the Alkaline diet focuses on healthy foods that are encouraged in healthy meal planning and should not be discounted. There is merit in many of the foods stressed and it is up to the individual, as well as their physician and registered dietitian to determine what their goals and needs are, based on their wellness journey.

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