“No Copycats Will Ever Replace a True Chosen One” by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As I think about the amount of injustices I have gone through and continue to go through as a Chosen One on my path, I reflect on the reasons why the road has been so challenging and know that God gives his greatest battles to his strongest soldiers. As Chosen Ones, Divine Feminines, we tend to have a lot of copycat energy out there trying to be us and steal our destiny.

This can never, nor will ever happen, as the Universe and The Most High will simply not allow for it. These copycats will fail every time and face karmic justice in the process. Instead of devoting the energy to their own life path and seeing what their unique journey is about, they are attempting to manipulate the energy and steal the Destiny of a true divine chosen one and can never fill their shoes. They will fail time and time again and face karma every time

Chosen Ones, once awakened and enlightened, in all areas of their lives, have an uncanny ability to overcome all obstacles on their path and anyone trying to block them will be removed in some shape or fashion by the Universe and the Most High. What is written in the stars cannot be tampered with and one is only sealing their karmic fate by continually trying to swap destiny’s – a fate that can never be accomplished and only lead down a lonely karmic road of despair.

People literally copying us, our talk, our walk, our dress, our speech, our mannerisms- all in an effort to try and swap destiny’s with us. For some odd reason, there are copycats that think they can embody the energy of a true Chosen One, Divine Feminine,

There is no weapon formed against me that will prosper. I am meant to overcome all obstacles and challenges on my path, My destiny cannot be stolen no matter how hard copycats spend hours trying to copy, mimic and swap destiny’s with me. My calling, mission, abundance, divine counterpart and life’s blessings that were written in the stars is what I will and am manifesting. They cannot be taken.

As Chosen Ones, we are miracle manifesters. I am manifesting my miracles and calling in success, love, peace, abundance, health, wealth, true divine counterpart and positivity in all areas of my life. I am manifesting my miracles and anyone on the path to destroy, steal or block my blessings will be removed from my journey for good by the Universe and the Most High. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and divine timing is now! Nobody can stop what is written in the stars for me except the Divine!

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