The Chosen One and Discrimination- Against All Odds Compensation Will Come by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As a starseed/ Chosen One, I have experienced many obstacles and setbacks in my life and have never been truly compensated fairly. I was always placed towards the end of the line having to crawl my way to the front, without being guided or asked. It was always the notion- either I spoke up for myself and stood up for what’s right, many times falling on deaf ears, or be left in the dust. Even those time where I did speak up for what was right, I often went overlooked, unheard or simply ignored- never really being fairly compensated, in many areas of my life, for what I deserve. Many times, I have been ostracized for voicing righteous behavior or been told it’s all in your head and you’re taking things too personally.

Although, one may hear this and just think another person complaining- what else is new. The truth is any Chosen One, lightworker/starseed knows the angst of the targeted treatment received just by virtue of having a certain energy/aura that can triggers others’ demons so strongly they they cannot hide how they feel . Growing up as a kid, I have to say, I did not notice it as much in my early elementary years. I actually just thought this is the way things are and never really became aware of the challenges and obstacles until around my junior high school years. Once I became more self- aware of the world around me, did I start noticing differences in how I was treated.

Just to preface, we are all taught to treat all individuals fairly, not based on sex, gender, race, religion, age, spirituality, handicap, etc. However, is this something we all embody? There has been much talk about racism and equality in Universities and the workplace and how people should be judged on who they are and their character and not anything else. Also, for starseeds/lightworkers or those who possess a different energy that upon meeting, may just feel a certain type of way different from one may be use to- shouldn’t the equal treatment idea still apply?  We should not treat any individual different, nor overcharge, ignore, demean, slander, overlook, discredit, ostracize, create fear tactics or triangulate to push a certain agenda that the elite may see as the way it should be.

This is not within the United States Constitution and violates all constitutional rights. I think back to my high school years where I feel I started seeing these obstacles on a much more dramatic level. I felt that I was not treated fairly and was targeted in a number of situations in my high school years. One that stands out strongly to me was when I was a freshman attending an all-girls Catholic high school in the Bronx, NY and was leaving one day with another classmate.

As we walked out of the building towards the sidewalk, some girl from another school assaults me or starts a physical fight with me, come to find out it was over some guy she was dating, and I physically defend myself- as anyone should. After all, if you are not defending yourself while being attacked, you will be injured badly right?

Plus, self-defense was something I was taught early on and it was extremely important by my dad who took me to karate at an early age and of course I was a huge fan of all the Bruce Lee movies pushing the theme of using martial arts or fighting purely as a form of self- defense.

 After the fight, I remember the next day receiving a notice to see the principal and that I would be suspended for defending myself against a girl from another school who attacked me physically.

The principal said it would be a week’s suspension and when I explained that I had to defend myself because I was being assaulted and asked what do you think I should have done- he replied, walked back in the school and reported it. If I would have walked and turned my back with this raving, crazy girl coming at me ferociously, I would have been severely injured and not have been able to defend myself.

Sadly, the girl, who came from another all-girls Catholic high school’s principal actually called my school and defended her. Wow, the girl who perpetrated the fights own principal defended her coming to my school to assault me on my school’s premises and my principal told me this. He also had the audacity to tell me that the girl was seen as a good student and her principal spoke highly of her. I knew right there that I was for whatever reason being targeted and treated differently from how anyone else would be treated.

I remember going home and later telling my dad what happened and was so thankful that he was infuriated that the principal did not stand up for me and suspended me that he took me to the police precinct and we spoke with two female detectives. I remember one saying that the principal could not suspend me for self-defense against a girl coming from a different school to fight me.

I was beyond grateful to this detective and she actually called the principal right there and then and put him on the spot. I felt so grateful that both my dad and the detectives had my back and were willing to do the right thing. She told the principle that I engaged in self defense and that it does not warrant punishment or suspension for a week. The principal had no option but to reluctantly lift the suspension. How unfair was I being treated?

That principal I believe held a grudge against me ever since that incident and for the remaining years I was at that high school. Whether it was because of who I was or just because he was reprimanded by detectives, I know I was being treated differently and not well. In hindsight, I probably should had transferred out of that school after that incident.

All in all, that was just one of many unfair incidents I have endured and lived to tell about. The last will be first and the first will be last and those who have not been fairly compensated, and I have just detailed one example which in the end, I was really compensated because the principal was forced to do the right thing and he did.

There have been many other areas of my life where I have not been compensated fairly financially, legally, ethically/morally and know that the time is coming for that fair compensation in these areas.

Chosen ones and lightworkers that have been overcharged, overburdened, harassed, defamed, slandered, stolen from, never paid your worth, your time is coming and compensation is on its way. God said the last shall be first and the first shall be last. Those who committed these wrongdoings will not be granted a seat at the table. God has spoken and the time is near. So have faith and know justice and fair compensation is on it’s way. I know this and manifest this and us chosen ones will be given what we deserve and compensated in those areas- mentally. Emotionally, physically and spiritually- we cannot be denied anymore!

Believe it and You Will Achieve it!


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