Authenticity and Playing God in One’s Life by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As I reflect on the many lessons I’ve learned over the years, I realize that there is always more to learn at every stage of life. Once we feel like we have gone through all of our lessons and learning experiences and think there is no more to learn, this is when we stop growing and evolving on our journey. I vowed to be a continuous professional student on my journey, always gaining new knowledge, knowing that there is always more to learn and more growth to do- something I have realized even more deeply in my present day adult years.

As a lightworker, I have faced my share of obstacles and have learned much over the years. What I am realizing to a very large degree at this stage in my life is that the level of authenticity and sincerity in the world is not at the level it should be. What I mean is there are more illusions being thrown at us politically, socially, and financially even within familial relationships, friendships, work situations and regular day to day life. This begs the question, why is it so difficult for people to be truthful to each other and society at large? Must there be so much deceit and illusions, ie The Truman Show, that we forget what really matters and the importance of truthfulness and authenticity.

Has society become to some degree insensitive, greedy, narcissistic, that some feel entitled to create these illusions, wear masks, create false realities around ourselves for propaganda, money, greed or a sense of entitlement. Are there really an “elite some” that should be controlling the masses, how they think, what they think, creating false illusions and blacklisting God’s chosen ones purely for personal benefit?

I remember growing up in the Bronx, NY and actually very much enjoying my young childhood (to the best of my memory). Interestingly enough my early baby years I do not recall or have many memories of for whatever reason. But, my early primary school years, about 4 years old and beyond, I do remember having fond memories of experiences that I had going to school, spending time with family, enjoying certain television programs (Family Feud in my kindergarten years and then Three’s Company, Little House on the Prairie, The Facts of Life, Different Strokes, Happy Days, Who’s The Boss, Days of Our Lives and many more) , favorite foods (grilled cheese in my kindergarten years and then Pizza, Italian food amongst others beyond this), spending time with neighborhood friends, playing outdoors, bike riding, and roller/ice skating.

I remember growing up and looking up to my brother, who was a year older than me, and seeing him as Superman funny enough. I remember enjoying hanging out with him and his friends (which were mine as well at the time) and playing in the yard, baseball, softball, two-hand touch football, playing Jungle Safari in the neighborhood where we would go on trails and missions and just enjoy being kids.  I remember listening to the Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey” with the neighborhood kids playing softball and just enjoying each other.

We were somewhat fearless then, enjoying life, collecting Topps Football books with the stickers and gum. betting on Superbowl teams and the winner would win $ from my uncle Anthony, going to Rye Playland (one of my favorite amusement parks as a kid), Great Adventures, movies, ice skating, roller skating, beach clubs such as Shorehaven and Castle Hill in the summertime, swimming competitions, paddleball and hanging out at the local St. Peters Park where I would swing on my favorite swing and just enjoy the idea of being a kid at the time.

I remember enjoying for the most part my kindergarten through 8th grade experiences and was a cheerleader, on the softball team and enjoyed learning and having fun. As I entered into my high school years, I began seeing things were not always what they appeared to be on the surface and many of these illusions, deceit, or betrayals by friends began surfacing and making me look at things in a wider perspective.

I still experienced joy, but like the song Joy and Pain, I started seeing things for what they truly are and began coming into my own realizing that safe haven of that former school,  Santa Maria, at least what I felt at the time, was not really what the world was about. There was good and bad in the world and not everyone had pure intentions or wanted the best for you. I knew this before but saw it on a much grander scale, even with authority figures, teachers, principals, family members or people we just expected to be that safe haven or trusted source, not always vying on the light side or in your better interest. In fact, some of these “authority figures” intentions were the furthest thing from pure as I recall. Yet, even at that time, I was still uaware of the depths these intentions could go to as I always, until this day, remain an optimist, yet a realist. I evolved and grew over the years with life lessons and experiences being my best teacher.

At this point, I believe that nobody, the elite, government and official, authority figures, family, false or former friends should feel the need pr have the power to play God in anyone’s life and affect their blessings, Constitutional Rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These people who we consider our leaders, authority figures, family or friends should be transparent with us, not seek to play God in our life or harm us in any way, shape or form by casting illusions or having impure intentions regarding anyone’s destiny in this world due to greed, envy or jealousy.

Why? Isn’t there enough for everyone? If not, let’s create a world where we can have more balance and shared blessings where everyone can benefit. The day people start playing God in anyone’s life is the day we all start losing and will not have a peaceful society based on freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our rights will be diminished and only some peoples’ rights will be favored. This is not what our country was built on and we all need to take accountability and be more authentic in our lives to live a more peaceful existence and help to raise the vibration of the planet, rather than destroy it once and for all.

This is not what The Most High wants for us nor what I believe we want for each other. Taking the steps now to secure a brighter world for us and future generations is vital to the shift our planet is headed towards and new and better leadership must take the lead. Our leaders have failed us and we are paying the price. The time for change is now and let’s keep moving forward and transforming into the greatest versions of ourselves. No more falsely placing some on a Government watch list, targeting chosen ones/starseeds and sacrificing some for others’ benefits. This ends now and The Most High will see to this coming to fruition. Justice is on its way and Praise Be the Most High.

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