Spiritual Warfare and Standing in Your Truth Against Manipulation by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As we proceed on our physical and spiritual journey and continue to release all that no longer serves us, it’s important to reflect on what behaviors, whether it be related to nutritional or behavioral habits, that may have hindered us in the past from transforming into the greatest version of ourselves. In this season of spiritual warfare, emotions are at an all-time high with light and dark fighting for that top spot. As we proceed on the journey, I reflect on the saying that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

What happens when someone copies or imitates you, this is looked at as a form of flattery. But, what happens when they take it to the absolute extreme where they do everything they can, in the midst of the spiritual warfare, to swap destinies with you and become you. They’ve competed with you to the point of now trying to “actually be you and steal the blessings that were meant for you on this realm.”

This is a sad thing to think about; however, when someone thinks they can steal your mannerisms, dress, business, ideas, relationships, soul purpose, and many times use plastic surgery and dark magic to even look like you, thinking they can fool the divine into them stealing what is meant for you, how toxic and scary does this become?

Unfortunately folks, this happens and chosen ones and earth angels many times are the targets of interests due to their higher vibrational energy, calling, soul mission, and abundance. Their goal is to sacrifice chosen ones and steal their destiny and abundance.

As an empath, I have experienced many lessons on my own journey to transforming into the greatest version of myself and mastering my emotions, which I am still learning to master some. What I have learned is that being a strong empath has also led me to have been faced with emotional baiting from others. In the extremes with this, emotional baiting by others, especially narcissists, is a severe tactic that I had to research a bit further on my own journey to truly see how others use this as a form of control in an effort to steal time, energy, resources, and unfortunately, my own destiny and blessings that were meant for me from the Most High.

So, what I learned is that especially in this spiritual warfare, as an awakened being, emotional baiting is a technique that I have become all too familiar with. What these energy vampires usually do, many are narcissists, are engage in certain tactics to exert their control. Several of these tactics are:

  • Fear tactics by doing this they can gain control of your emotions and use your fears and insecurities to play on your emotions.
  • Smear Campaigns– Remember, when a narcissist loses control of you, they will control how others see you. They use purposeful, calculated manipulative tactic to damage your reputation and credibility in an attempt to ruin your social standing. The goal is to leave you feeling isolated, alone and abandoned.
  • False Accusations/Blame- They will do anything to try to get you in trouble with the law, locked up or seen as crazy. They make it a life mission to hinder your success and growth in any which way they can- many times may even involve bribes and back door deals to get officials on board.
  • Hoovering- is a manipulation tactic used to “suck” victims back into toxic relationship cycles.
  • Playing the Victim/ Guilt trip
  • Stonewalling- Not responding or replying to texts/calls
  • Emotional Triggering


In spiritual warfare, between light and dark, these tactics are being used more than one may be aware. It’s important to stand strong on your beliefs, act civil and do your best to refrain from being sucked into this energy draining technique of emotional baiting to drain the life force and bait others for a specific agenda.

As we release what no longer serves us. Hindsight becomes 20/20 and we become more aware of patterns that we may have engaged in, without really being aware of what truly was going on.

We begin to master our emotions more and transform into that greatest version of ourself- just one day at a time- elevating and ascending knowing what is meant for us, will not pass us by. It may be delayed, but as long as we are in our soul purpose, in our north node, can we follow the light to our stardom that was always burning bright within us, being dimmed by energy vampires trying to benefit off of our light at all costs.

No more as we head into the new season and all masks are being removed and everyone will be seen for who they truly are. Justice served and Praise be the Most High!

Believe it and You Will Achieve it!


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