A New Year- A New Greater Version Of You

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So, I hope that everyone had a nice holiday season and enjoyed Christmas and are now getting ready to make their mark on the New Year. It’s a New Year and now is the time to get rocking and rolling on those resolution goals. I know how important weight loss and health resolution goals are and I encourage everyone to focus strongly on their manifestation goals for 2020! My goal is to continue to manifest becoming the greatest version of myself and continue on my soul’s mission to enlighten people to lose weight and become the best version of themselves. Physical transformation, weight loss and health maintenance, will aid us on our path to transform mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and become the greatest version of ourselves. You are not expected to be perfect on this journey. The goal is to slowly transform into the person you visualize yourself becoming and stand strong in your new skin! Remember, you are the co-creator of your reality and can manifest the life you want and deserve! You are the hero of your own story and now it’s time for a new chapter to be written, with a strong focus on you as the main character- with nothing standing in your way!

At Nutrition Wellness, my goal is to help you do this. As we evolve on the planet into the New Earth, 2020 will be a year of harmony, manifestation, and letting go of what no longer serves you. Like the age old adage- “Let old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind”- now is when we need to be present, live in the moment, and co-create the reality we want for ourselves, as difficult as it can be at times. Remember, you are the hero of your story and can get on track to wellness, losing weight and becoming the greatest version of yourself. The power lies within you and you can absolutely do it. Don’t give away your power and always stand in your truth! Raising your vibration will align you with people who will serve your highest good and help you on your own life path. Set positive intentions or affirmations and manifest the life you dream of.

When it comes to health and wellness, the holidays so easily can set us back a little on some of our health and wellness goals. With a positive mindset, resiliency, dedication and determination, it is not so difficult to get back on track. With a practical plan, strategy, menu guidance, fitness advice, and support, you’ve already won half the battle. Yet, don’t think of it as a battle, but a healthy lifestyle choice to embrace, where perfectionism can be discarded, and knowledge, understanding, and strategic planning, will lead to fruitful rewards and success on this journey to health! We all need a push to become the greatest version of ourselves, and that is what I strive to do for people at Nutrition Wellness. As a registered dietitian and wellness coach, I am here to help you set those positive intentions and become the best version of yourself- no excuses necessary! Just do it.

The world is changing on an everyday basis and many of us can feel the energy shifts around us with the astrological changes taking place. Getting back in touch with who we truly are and releasing negativity, as best we can- (after all, we’re still human), will help us align with physically and mentally transforming into our best self. We are heading into a new decade and new time on Earth. As transformative and powerful as we are as a human race, we all can manifest a new greater existence, allowing for more freedom and inner peace, while aligning with our true identity and purpose. Now’s the time to kick this decade off with a bang and be the person we would like to be. Contacting Nutrition Wellness is a step heading you in that direction!

Thanking God and the Universe for all it’s wondrous and mysterious glory, and darkness as well, we can work on aligning our shadow side with our light side and walking the path to wellness and health. It is a huge task at hand, but we are no better servants to walk this plank with that positive mindset, challenges and all, and continue on this wellness journey, conquering fears and doubts about who we are suppose to be and where we are heading, and just trusting our divine intuitive guidance, along with God and the Universe, to lead us where we are meant to go. It is a Golden Age, if you will, and we are up for the task. We have come here knowing that God has a plan for us to live our best life and manifest our best selves, going through struggles and obstacles on the way. No greater time to do this than now!

Let 2020 be the year we set into motion becoming the greatest version of ourselves and taking that journey into health and enlightenment! I believe in you all and will continue to aspire to enlighten all about the transformative power we all possess into becoming the greatest version of ourselves and getting started on our health journey. Contact Nutrition Wellness today at 901-321-5033 or email Maria at nutritionwellness@mariakrd.com.  You are all amazing and I look forward to seeing you soon!






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