“Water and The Importance of Staying Hydrated” By Maria Khaled RD, LD

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The importance of staying hydrated is not something that Is thought of very frequently. Unless you’re very thirsty, you may not have much of an idea of how much water you are consuming.

It’s worth knowing that hydration and consuming enough water is monumental on our journey to wellness and slowly transforming into that greatest version of yourself each day.

So how much water should we be drinking daily is the question? A good rule of thumb is 8 glasses or 64 ounces a day. This is crucial on not only our weight loss journey, but also on our wellness journey throughout life.

Why is it so important to replenish with water and stay hydrated? There are several reasons for this. Let’s take a look.

First, drinking water aids us on our weight loss journey as often times, people mistake thirst for hunger. In-between meals one may opt for a snack instead of drinking water.

Water can help fill you up and therefore, you may not feel hungry for that snack after all. Opt for that cold glass of water instead next time you’re craving a snack in-between meals and see if you really wanted that snack after all.

Next, water helps with digestion and keeps things moving throughout the body. Without enough water, one can feel constipated and bloated.

This is why drinking enough water is essential to making sure your body is in rhythm and there is digestive harmony amongst its systems.

In addition, water helps with energy metabolism and gives us that pep in our step. It really can boost our energy levels and with not enough of it, we may feel sluggish and fatigued.

Not to mention that drinking enough water (64 ounces a day) can help prevent headaches. People that get frequent headaches and migraines can benefit by having enough water in their diet.

Lastly, water helps prevent kidney stone formation and helps lubricates the joints and allows them to stay flexible!

With all these great reasons to enjoy water, why not make sure we’re getting 64 ounces or glasses a day!

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Start transforming into the greatest version of yourself and remember, if you believe it, you will achieve it!




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