New Beginnings- Karmic Cycles Endings and Releasing What No Longer Serves You- Mind, Body and Soul by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As we move forward on our journey and transforming into the greatest version of ourselves, I like to focus on the mind, body and soul journey. Now we are walking more authentically and in reference to my own journey, I have released so much of what no longer serves me- false friends, family members, people, places and things which no longer serve me and have only brought me down to a lower vibration.

I have learned how to harness my own spiritual gifts to heal my shadow side and become more accepting of what I cannot change. I have healed and learned how to protect myself from black magic, hexes, curses and continue with my spiritual protection. Accepting circumstances as part of what I cannot always change, but do my best to transmute the energies into the light- not allowing it to block my blessings, destiny and new beginnings.

As I have spoken about self-love and my own transformation on my lightworker journey, I have come to many realizations that much has been done in the dark, without my knowledge, against me, causing chaos, stagnation, blockages, illness, invasion of rights, from people I once thought were in my corner. These people were ones that smiled in my face, pretended to be of the light and did the most to stop me from success in every area of my life, literally wishing the absolute worst for me which sounds unimaginable and inhumane- yet, anyone following my posts on spiritual warfare understand this is what occurs on the chosen one’s journey- people doing everything in their power to stop your success, money, love, relationships, family and cause blockages in every area of your life.

I always wondered why there were so many blockages or why I would come so very close to a successful milestone and then all of a sudden, be blocked at the most opportune time to sealing the deal. I wondered and thought was this a curse or a family curse that I was meant to break.

With careful thought and evolvement, I realized I am the generational curse breaker and all of the strife that I have endured in my life has all been for a reason. I was meant to go through these struggles to become much stronger, become more confident and understand that I was being tested and preparing for this time in my life for lifetimes. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and God saves his hardest battles for his strongest soldiers. Many are called, but few are Chosen.

I have uncovered, with the help of The Most High and My Divine Team, that spiritual warfare does exist and Chosen Ones have the ability to heal their bloodlines and evolve into the greatest version of themselves. Through eating clean, exercising, lifting weights and harnessing one’s physical and mental strength, meditating, using spiritual protection, only then can we overcome the enormous obstacles being placed on our path to truly transform and evolve into our best self.

Through nurturing our vessels with more natural foods, ingredients, herbs and using holistic means to help us ascend, transformation of the mind, body and soul is attainable. Having a strong physical vessel is important for our health, as well as our mind, body and soul and also our longevity.

As I reflect on my own life, I do recall my dad always teaching me to value my physical vessel, exercise, eat right, lift weights to stay strong which not only helped me physically, but as I mentioned before- mentally and emotionally. Growing up in the Bronx, New York I do recall how important it was to take care of myself physically on my journey as a lightworker, Chosen One, being a target by dark energies trying to break me in any way they could.

For example, I recall the importance of exercise and playing sports in the neighborhood which helped me to become confident and strong and I learned the value of inner strength, determination, and perseverance- vital on the lightworker journey.

Ironically, I can recall 3 separate times in my life where I needed to defend myself physically as a teenager against females who came up against me on various occasions to try to hinder me on my path. I absolutely stood my ground in these instances and would always without hesitation- being victorious in my own right.

The importance of self-defense, standing your ground and being able to physically handle yourself is essential I believe and although you never go looking for a physical altercation, you need to be prepared to defend yourself if one ever came your way- as I learned also from the great Bruce Lee. Some of my favorite self-defense movies were based on the legendary Bruce Lee (i.e. Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, The Chinese Connection) and taking karate a bit as youngster.

Once we focus on the present moment, release what no longer serves us and embrace our path as lightworkers, chosen ones, we can help heal and raise the vibration of the planet- making it a better place for all- focusing on peace, prosperity and treating others the way in which we want to be treated. Taking care of our mind, body and soul is work and the more we put into it, the better we will become.

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