It’s Mercury Retrograde- Healing and Releasing The Past By Maria Khaled RD, LD

solar system 439046 1280Mercury Retrograde- we’ve all heard of it. We are aware that technology does not function as well and expect communication to not flow as smoothly as it can. We may have had gliches with our computers, phones, tvs, due to the heightened energy. But, what exactly is Mercury Retrograde and what does it have to do with our past?

Whether you follow astrology, astronomy or either, Mercury Retrograde allows us to view the past with a new outlook and know that it can be difficult to leave behind. The energy of the planets feels stronger than ever and the Universe is pushing us to make peace with the past. With the current retrograding energy, we may find several things happening:

  • More effort is needed to get things done
  • A need to spend more time alone
  • Things are moving slower than usual
  • We need to review old friends or relationships and release what no longer serves us
  • Buried emotions need to be addressed
  • It is a time for self-love and healing to continue
  • Reoccuring themes are being introduced into our life
  • A time to continue to transform into the greatest version of ourself


What is advised of us at this time is if you have felt any of these areas above, it is a time to resolve them through staying in the present moment and engaging in a few deep healing exercises.


Release the Past Through the Breath

As you sit and meditate, start taking a few deep breaths to clear the mind. Slowly breathe in, and when you exhale, envision the past being released from the body with your breath. Take as many breaths as you need to in order to sufficiently release the past from your body- staying in the present moment as much as possible.

Past Life Regression

There is something called past life regression, which focuses on healing of past life wounds, deeper issues that stem even from past lives. An example of this may be if you are a lightworker or starseed, you may have suffered from persecution in past lives and people attempted to persecute you, or even burn some at the stake, for speaking your truth and revealing higher levels of consciousness. You may have been persecuted in past lives for your beliefs and it has transcended to current day. There is a great article on Past Life Regression called Have You Walked This Earth Before? 6 Signs of Reincarnation by Tanaaz on that discusses past life regression in more detail.

Hypnotherapy and working with a past life regression healer are some strategies to overcome past life wounds buried deep within the psychi.

Learn to Heal By Going Within and Releasing What No Longer Serves You

With so many planets in retrograde, the Universe is really giving us multiple opportunities to release the past in whatever way feels right to us. Making peace with our past and releasing it to the Universe is healing.

As difficult it may be to let go of certain things, we must take into account it is for our highest good. The past is an important teacher and we have learned much from our lessons on our journey.

Although we never forget it, we have taken those lessons to grow, evolve and look back at who we once were, still holding on to the core essence of who we are, but with an enlightened, awakened state that has learned much over the years and has taken that information to continue to learn and transform into the greatest version of ourselves. We just purely have outgrown many people, places and things of our past which are not meant to continue on our current day’s journey.

I am not one to say forget the past entirely, because without it, we would not have transformed into who we are today. We were meant to go through those trials and tribulations, and still may be going through them, to help us learn and grow into who we are meant to be on our journey. They are building blocks on transforming into our best selves.

All in all, Mercury Retrograde may bring people, places and things back from the past; however, learn how to make peace with the past and release to the Universe for the greatest good of all involved. This does not have to be done with animosity, as difficult as these trials and tribulations have been, but more with a sense of purpose and understanding that these things of my past were lessons meant to help me evolve and grow and served a chapter of my life, or perhaps several chapters. They cannot go where I am going and are not meant to because they will only hold me back and hinder me on my path to healing, transformation and growth. No matter how difficult this may be, it’s imperative we learn to do this as we move forward.

Let Go and Let God as hard as it is to do at times, but walk by faith and not by sight. Know that if you are following your intuition, divine guidance and heart, no weapon formed against you shall prosper and you will reap the rewards of a brighter future- a new chapter where you will be celebrated, not just tolerated and you will keep transforming into that greatest version of yourself!

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