The Importance of Wellness

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Why food and wellness? I remember being asked what made you want to study the field of nutrition as I attended one of the nutritional conferences. The question was to write about one thing, event or feeling that really pushed you to want to be a part of food and nutrition.

For me, aside from loving a variety of foods since I was a child, I developed a strong appreciation for the delicious aspects of food and really enjoyed my Sunday Italian family dinners (well I’m half Italian I should say and half Irish).  

I would say knowing the power of food and what it can do to help or hurt the body is a big part of it. What we put in our bodies can either help nourish and heal them or vice versa and this to me is an extremely potent idea.

Growing up, one significant event that helped me realize the power of wellness and living a healthy lifestyle occurred when I was only 6 years old. I lost my mother to lung cancer and it developed due to her smoking. This was extremely devastating, and the effect of the loss did not really hit me until 2 years later, when I turned 8 years old and I truly understood the magnitude of death and what it really was.

I knew God was in control and I remember a voice recording I did at 8 years old reciting a poem that I dedicated to my mom. Those special times her and I would sit in the kitchen singing Christmas songs together and her drinking coffee and I, hot chocolate.

I remember her taking my brother and I to San Diego, where many of her family lived, and enjoying time with my cousins, aunts and uncles, as she was one of twelve kids (a lot I know).  I remember her making me grilled cheese and drinking black cherry soda watching Family Feud, a funny little memory. Also, I remember her being so friendly with many kids in the neighborhood.

Also, I remember her favorite show “Dallas” and a popular episode she really wanted to watch- “Who killed JR?” She was a warm hearted, kind person who would always give the shirt off her back and truly knew the power of love. Although I only got to spend 6 years with her, she made a deep impact in my life and as sad as it was to lose her, I ultimately understood and valued that time tremendously.

Realizing how powerful health and what we do to our bodies was an enlightenment I had at an early age and I knew it would become a priority in my life. Exercise, fitness, food, physical activity and watching what we do to our bodies is so important. I remember my uncle always saying, “Your body cannot speak to you, so you need to listen to it in other ways.

So, I grew up with an understanding that our physical bodies need love, healing, nourishment, exercise, and care. It is our job to give ourselves the self-love that we need and not let bad habits overtake us. This is when we start aligning our mind, body and soul and transforming into the greatest version of ourselves.

So, this is what attracted me to nutrition and knowing we have the power of taking care of our vessels, as we see fit, knowing this can have a significant effect on weight, disease, mindfulness, and overall health is crucial.

This lesson became very engrained in me as I pondered in those early years as to her loss. I do know my mom will always be in my heart and soul and the heart will go on and on (from one of my favorite movies- Titanic and its famous theme song,“My Heart Will Go On”).

For me, the health lesson remains and although sometimes things may be out of our control and disease can still develop in once healthy individuals who live a clean lifestyle. The idea that we can be in control and make positive, mindful choices, yet not indulge in, acts that can harm the body beyond repair, such as smoking, is a valuable lesson and one that promotes the power of nourishing the body and soul with how we take care of it.

Keep focusing on your goals, losing weight and transforming into the greatest version of yourselves.

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