Is Pizza Really An Unhealthy Choice?

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Everyone loves pizza right? Well, almost everyone does right.

I remember growing up and so looking forward to the nights that my dad would get us pizza. He would go to one of our favorite pizzerias, Napoli, and I remember the owner was Italian and one of my favorite schoolteacher’s brother. It was always a fun experience!

Their pizza was truly delicious and I so enjoyed pizza night and staying up late watching some of my favorite movies. As I grew up, my love for pizza remained.

So, when I hear people talk about eating pizza and feeling guilty, or saying it was their cheat meal- how accurate is this? I mean does pizza really have very little nutritional value.

Well, first it’s important to distinguish as to what kind of pizza? Frozen store- bought pizza and fast-food restaurant pizza are lower in nutritional value, higher in calories, fat, sodium and preservatives due to being highly processed.

However, let’s focus in on our traditional freshly made pizza consisting of simple whole ingredients made with flour, yeast, water, salt, oil, tomato sauce, and fresh cheese.

This brings me back to my very first nutrition class taken where the teacher asked the simple question- “Is there any nutritional value in pizza?”

Someone raised their hand and said- “no.” This was actually incorrect. Pizza does have nutritional value and the simple answer to that question focused on- Pizza does have nutritional value.

We get Vitamin C from the tomato sauce, calcium from the cheese, protein from the cheese and meat toppings.

Yes, pizza made from these simple ingredients and made from scratch can be quite healthy.

Adding nutrient dense toppings like vegetables or healthy protein sources, like grilled chicken- boosts the protein content. The nice thing about it is many pizzerias do offer whole-wheat and gluten-free crusts, as well as healthy topping choices to decrease carbohydrates and allow for lower glycemic healthier choices.

So, overall freshly made pizza is not such a negative. Do not feel guilty. Pizza is actually healthy if freshly made, contains simple whole ingredients and actually has a decent amount of nutritional value.

Protein from the cheese and meat toppings are of high nutritional quality which is important for growing children. So, those pizza birthday parties for kids have positive benefits! 

Moderation is key and taste is delectable! 

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