The Importance of Balance In Our Lives

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As I evolve on my spiritual journey, I come to understand the importance of balance in my life. As an intuitive empath, I have always absorbed energy and been prone to people pleasing and over giving. As I have come into a more authentic knowing of myself, I realize the importance of promoting balance in relationships and not over giving and overextending of myself in various ways. Many times, I realize it is just my nature to be a giver.


Although this may sound like a positive trait, the Universe can show us in important ways that if there is no equal reciprocity, we must stop and set boundaries. What I do realize is that as much as you give, with all your heart and soul with the purest of intentions, and receive little to nothing in return, we must step back, reassess, and reflect on what is going on. Why am I doing this when there is not a fair equal exchange of energy or give and take?


As we know, there are no coincidences in life. Things happen for a reason. When people pleasing and over giving occurs, this is a universal wake up call to understand that it is time to change this pattern and focus on the importance of balance and temperance in life- qualities a giver may not ever be as accustomed to.


We cannot change others and even if we pour everything into a situation, we cannot be attached to a particular outcome or expectation. As hard as one may try to put everything into someone or something, the outcome may not be as expected. Overcompensating will not change it!


Although balance may be applied to certain situations in life, we realize it needs to be applied to every situation in life. If there is no reciprocity, there is no balance or temperance- period! No equal exchange of energy, like we need, according to the Universal laws of nature, in order to feel any sense of true fulfillment. Sometimes life experience may need to shake us up in order to reinforce this deeper knowing that BALANCE is vital in any and all relationships- no matter how close! Without it, we will wind up with an empty cup!


Balancing our mind, body and soul on the inside, as well as on the outside, even with those closest to us, is necessary to stand in our truth and give to ourselves. Self-love and going within to realize we have the power to step back, reflect and reassess the situation. Is this the right way to handle this?


Listen to our intuition and if we feel physically drained and unfulfilled, it’s time to withhold our energy. We are giving too much and not receiving. Receiving is a necessary part of the law of nature and equal reciprocity allows for an equal balance of energy- promoting fairness with any and all. A hard lesson for many intuitive empaths to really conquer. 


We should not fight for something that is not fighting for us. Balance and equal reciprocity is necessary to have any fulfilling relationship. If we give love to ourselves, break free, and only welcome those that serve our highest good, will we have the balance and equal exchange of energy that we deserve as physical beings.


God and the Universe would want it no other way. As we take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically, we slowly transform into the greatest version of ourselves.


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