Aligning with Your True Self- Authenticity

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Aligning with your true self allows us to live life more freely. As we begin to step into our true authentic selves, we become less inhibited in the way that we go about our daily lives. Once we are able to develop the self- love and become whole within, we match up with our true authentic self.


We then begin to feel more guided to align our values, actions, words, and goals, with who we truly are and become our truest version of our self- “our most authentic self.”


It takes a lot of work and sometimes, we need to be broken down to our cores, lose everything, to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, to become the greatest version of ourselves. No easy calling and definitely not for the faint of heart! A heavy task, but remember, God does not give us any challenge that we cannot handle. God and the Universe saves the greatest challenges for his strongest soldiers!  


If we begin to truly do what feels right and is authentic to us, we lose the burden of having to please all of those around us. Life is not about wearing a mask to fit in with status quo, although this may be easier at times, but it is about stepping into our truth. We lose the idea of living up to a certain expectation and are guided by our soul and intuition.


This is when we find out who we really are and what we are truly capable of. Status quo and societal expectations have their place, yet will never rule us anymore. Breaking barriers and standing in our truth become vital on our journey to self. Thinking outside the box and doing what we truly feel guided to is most important.


The goal is to find wholeness, self-love and transmute any core wounds that may have left us feeling less than in any way, shape or form. We are worthy of divine love, abundance, success and can achieve whatever we put our mind to.


True authenticity is not always easy and may be challenging at times, the more practice we get at it, the more authentic of individuals we become- a priceless feeling unlike any other!


As I have stepped into a truer authentic version of myself, I have released the burden of having to please others and living my own truth- now walking around feeling a lot lighter in mind, body and soul. I do not worry as much about validation and always know God and the Universe are guiding me to my true north- my true self.


If I go within and listen, I know my soul will give me the direction I need and want, with God and the Universe overseeing all the magnificent wonders of this vast omnipresent existence.


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Believe it and you will Achieve it!





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