Walking On Our Divine Path- Awakening to Our Truth and Black Magic

highway 5314645 1920As we begin to evolve on our own spiritual journey and awaken to our higher self, we become magicians in our life, setting out positive intentions into the Universe and manifesting the life that we want and desire.


It is up to us to take the wheel and be the writer of our own scripts. We are the heroes of our story and must believe this in order to achieve it. We may begin to notice that our intuition and senses become heightened, and we pick up on more of what is going on in our surroundings.


As an intuitive empath and lightworker, I am very in tune with my surroundings, pick up easily on others’ intentions and energies, and know when energy is being manipulated for various reasons.


Call it life experience, spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, or God’s desire to make me aware of external forces around me. I stay vigilant, strong, perseverant, and knowledgeable on my journey through life, I am blessed.


As we begin to lose weight and align mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we awaken to our higher selves. As a lightworker on my journey, part of my mission is to spread love and light in a harsh world where love is not always seen. Raising my vibration and focusing on positive energy is the goal.


Dark energies do surround light beings and as we know, so there is always light and dark in the Universe. Where there is light, dark will follow. Staying healthy, losing weight, meditating, and exercise are key to advancing on our spiritual journey.


The question remains- what can interfere with manifesting our best life? As I advance on my own spiritual journey, I realize that transforming into our greatest selves attracts dark energies and as someone who has become more spiritually inclined, I have learned about the power of energy and life force energies.


I remember in the past hearing about black magic, spell work, curses, hexes and dark magic and always laughing thinking it was all make-believe or fun for Halloween time activity.


However, now I realize there is nothing funny about it. There is such thing as dark magic, black magic, negative intentions, spells and curses that people can literally practice on others to attract what they want in this life. In doing so however, one is selling their soul to evil and are indeed now indebted.


I have learned to protect my energy through Reiki, meditations, crystals, salt baths, candles, prayer, exercise, eating right and putting out positive intentions into the Universe to become our best self.


What I have learned is that spiritual warfare does indeed exist and can be done by people sending out dark energies to the Universe and certain beings.


Their goal may be to sabotage or destroy one’s ability to manifest their best life and live in fear. However, what I have also learned is that love always conquers fear and through protecting one’s energies by using crystals, meditation, Reiki, Salt baths, candles and prayer, courage and perseverance, nobody can stop God’s will and what he and the Universe have in store for you.


Divine will and divine justice will manifest if you are on your righteous path and no black magic, witchcraft, spell work, hexes, energy manipulation can stop that! God is the ruler and sees and hears all. What we put out into the Universe will always ultimately come back to us.


I believe Divine intervention is at work in our lives and what God has in stored for our destined path cannot be messed with. No amount of dark energies, negative energy, black magic, spell work, and hexes stand a chance next to the hand of God. 


If people do not choose to awaken to their higher self, I strongly believe in karmic justice and divine order to take place to restore the natural balance of love and light in the Universe.


Once we know we are blessed and on a destined path, we realize God and the Universe can and will never be stopped.


Be a leader and forge your own path. Following our destined path, hardships and all, and return any dark Magic back to the sender each and every time to stay free of dark intentions and ultimately, it will be diminished.


Stay on your chosen path and you will be blessed By God’s love and light. Nothing can stop your blessings with this in mind and all is seen by the hand of God.


Pray, meditate, eat healthy, and stay strong and perseverant on your destined path- to allow Nothing or Nobody to destroy your Divine blessings that are in store for you.


Believe it and You Will Achieve It!


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Peace, love and light.



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