Swimming At All Ages- A Lifetime Sport

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Many times I will hear from clients that it is difficult for me to engage in exercise or physical activity due to physical injury, arthritis and they are always wondering what is a great exercise to do for someone with these ailments to burn calories and stay physically fit throughout their lifespan. My answer simply is – swimming.


As many of you are watching the Olympics, swimming has been all over the television with some ground breaking results. I find it exciting to watch and love seeing some records get broken and some underdogs make their mark!


Swimming is such a great exercise and although anaerobic, is easy on the joints and a great activity for those with joint problems. Swimming is such a great way to keep fit, burn calories, stay lean and develop good anaerobic conditioning. You use muscles that you’ve never used before and submerge yourself in water while pushing yourself to the limits.


Growing up in the Bronx, NY,some of my fondest memories include swimming at Shorehaven and Castle Hill Beach Club and participating in their swim competitions. I remember training and practicing for the swim races at the beach club. I recall listening to the “Eye of the Tiger” and many of my favorite songs to psych me up for the races and feeling ready. I remember the adrenaline kicking in and really getting pumped up for the big day. Training and practicing were all part of the plan!


There was even one year I remember winning 1st place and another parent (mom) of another girl actually had the audacity to question whether I was truly in the same age group (I believe we were 11 at the time). I was a little bit on the taller side, but definitely was in the appropriate age group and was shocked that this was even brought into question. Although everything worked out in my favor and justice was served, it was something I will never forget. The idea of someone trying to sabotage my success- nothing new to the journey of the lightworker!


I won first place three years and one year I remember winning 2nd place and feeling so down about it. Interestingly enough, I believe the reason I felt so down was because I did not give it my all that year, I held back for some reason. I just thought that I had the race in the bag and felt that I lost that hunger needed for victory. That “eye of the tiger” was not there. That was my downfall on the “big race day.” I learned a truly important lesson that day and as down as I was, I came back the next year and won first place. Yay!


I still have my beautiful trophies from winning each of the events that I participated in and truly thanked my uncle and dad for teaching me how to swim and develop a fun love for a truly healthy sport. My uncle, one of my greatest swim teachers, use to swim in Orchard Beach from Section 1 to Section 13 and back, without taking breaks. Yes, this is true. This was a tremendous feat and anyone from the Bronx or New York knows how much endurance this would take and I always admired him for his love of swimming and unbelievable endurance.


One thing I do remember about my own swim races were- I swear trophies were bigger than; but as we know, it’s not always about the material things. It’s the passion, drive and love for the sport or event participated in that left such a lasting impression on me until this day. My journey with swimming is a fun and memorable one embarking me into a sport that lasts a lifetime. As I grew up, I continued to swim and enjoy swimming in the Masters Swim at the YMCA and continued to do a little tri-training incorporating in swim, bike and run. Swimming really will help you get in great shape and is a sport/physical activity that you can do well into your older years.


At the Masters swim competitions that I use to attend, I remember seeing individuals in their 70’s and 80’s breaking Masters’ records which is truly phenomenal. Don’t believe me, check out Rowdy Gaines Master’s Swimming and investigate. It is truly magnificent. So continue to get in the water and transform into the greatest version of yourself! Continue swimming and getting into the best shape of your life!


Call Nutrition Wellness and start losing weight and transforming into the greatest version of yourself! Believe it and You Will Achieve it!



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