The Importance of Mind, Body and Soul Alignment

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As I have evolved spiritually, I have come to understand the importance of mind, body and soul alignment to a much greater degree. Growing up as a kid, I remember watching the iconic Bruce Lee and his films such as Enter the DragonFists of Fury, The Chinese ConnectionGame of Death and there may be a few others I am forgetting.

Being fascinated at his skill in martial arts and the mastery of his craft on screen, Bruce Lee has definitely made an important mark on my own spiritual journey in an unexpected way.  

I enjoyed the story lines and the actual skill of utilizing martial arts as a form of self defense in an unpredictable world. Bruce Lee was able to bring the world of martial arts on to the big screen for all to see and really made an impact. 

So when I came across this snow board while traveling out of town, it brought me back to my childhood and mesmerized me at the same time. 

I always remember being a big fan of Bruce Lee and to see that his image was on this snowboard, in a clothing store geared towards young, hip snowboarders made me realize how much of an impact Lee has made.

With many who know and love him, it brought back just how he touched my own life, as well as the lives of many. For me, what I learned from Bruce Lee, was he not only mastered his skill of martial art, but taught important life lessons.

Some of these lessons are spiritual lessons such as “Being in the present moment” and “Being in relationship with the whole thing, not isolated.” How so you say…

Does anyone remember the famous line from Bruce Lee in the movie Enter The Dragon when he is pointing his finger to the moon. Bruce is teaching his student about the importance of fully staying in the moment.

The scene is where Bruce points away from the moon. Bruce tells him “Look at my finger. “Don’t think- FEEEEEL” It’s like a finger pointing away to the moon. “Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of the heavenly glory. “

What Bruce Lee is actually teaching him is we often take ourselves out of a moment we are experiencing for many reasons- to analyze it or document it. We then miss it. Bruce says “If you just concentrate on the finger, you’ll miss all of that heavenly glory.”

Another way of looking at this is being in a relationship with the whole thing, not isolated. See things from a higher perspective knowing we are all interconnected. There were several learning moments like these in his movies. 

As Bruce says, “I do not experience. I am experience. I am awareness.” As Eckhart Tolle echoes, “I am 
love.” This is what we need to understand. Once we align our mind, bodies and souls, we can really start transforming into the best version of ourselves.

We can raise the vibration of the planet and align with love and light. Let’s work towards this principle- really being in the present moment and seeing things from a higher perspective. As we do this, we will continue to shift into a higher vibration and transform into the greatest version of ourselves.

Once we align our mind, body and soul, we become whole and heal ourselves. As we continue to heal our core wounds, we become stronger and more resilient individuals ready to take life head on. Let’s utilize holistic principles such as nutrition and weight loss, reiki energy healing and physical exercise/activity to transform into the greatest version of ourselves! We can reach our goals and overcome any obstacles!

Believe it and you will Achieve It!

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