Self-Care and It’s Importance On Our Well-Being

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Self-Care is very important on our journey towards health and well-being, as well as weight-loss. Self-care allows us to move forward on our journey towards ascension and become our best selves. When I think about self-care, several things come to mind. As I ascend on my own spiritual journey, I know the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and being in a balanced state of mind. Meditation helps me to go within and combined with exercise, I focus on the present moment and really do my best to tune into my intuition and listen to where God and the Universe is guiding me.


It is a beautiful, chaotic journey well worth it, but can be extremely challenging at times. Our life journey is meant to be an adventure and I have faith that God and the Universe is overseeing the path and all will happen according to divine plan in divine timing for the greater good of all!


As I ascend on my own spiritual journey, I know the importance of healthy eating, exercise and being in a “balanced state of mind.” Meditation helps me go within and combined with exercise, I focus on the present moment and really do my best to tune into my intuition and listen to where God and the Universe is guiding me.


Through healthy eating, exercise (in nature if possible) and tuning into one’s owns intuition, we can really start doing our inner work to transform into the greatest version of ourselves. For self-care, I focus on the importance of food, nutrition, exercise and overall mental well-being.


As I dive deeper into my spiritual journey, I am slowly incorporating more spirituality into my practice and life. What I have been drawn to are the healing arts- energy healing such as reiki, crystals, candles, manifesting positive magic, and setting pure intentions to the Universe.


As we know, everything in life is comprised of energy and the more we understand how to protect our energy against impure intentions,  we can preserve our positive state of mind and transform into the greatest version of ourselves. Eating healthy is one way of keeping our energy aligned. Positive self-talk and being compassionate to ourselves is also so important on our journey so we can develop the self-care we need to become the best version of ourselves.


Sometimes, we may feel stuck or stagnant in an energy and unable to move. It is important to clear blockages in our chakras when this happens. Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps clear these blockages and is a wonderful form of healing art therapy. As we master our energy and intentions, we can develop self-mastery over our emotions so we do not allow them to control us.


WE have to be in control of our emotions and not allow them to run rampant over us, causing havoc and misery. This is not always easy to do. Becoming balanced, mentally, physically, and emotionally are key to doing this. Implementing the “law of attraction” principles also help us manifest the vision we have for ourselves.


Recently, I attended the virtual FNCE 2020 event which is the annual Food and Nutrition Conference Event held virtually and I learned a lot of the cutting- edge information on food, nutrition, research and overall well-being and wellness. One of the sessions I explored was focused on the law of attraction and manifesting the life we envision for ourselves by aligning our thoughts and intentions on the life we envision for ourselves. Where we place our thoughts and intentions is where we align ourselves and what we will use our energy to manifest. The more positive mindset we embark on, the more successful the return in our physical life.


Another interesting presentation I viewed at FNCE 2020 was about how to become a “Happy” or Positive person and 3 main items were focused on based on published scientific research.


Three things should be done to help create a more positive mindset in this ever-changing, challenging world that we live in. What are they? 1) Two- Minute Mornings: When we wake up we should write down the answers to these 3 things:   I will let go of, I am grateful for, and I will focus on. Answering these three statements each day sets the intention.


The second item discussed on our path to happiness says to Develop a Weird Hobby! Something completely out of your field that you have no knowledge in. A hobby that you have the steepest learning curve in. Many Nobel Prize winners are known to have a weird hobby. Engaging in an activity you have no knowledge of can help make cognitive connections and allow for a more harmonious, peaceful well-being.


Thirdly, Go Untouchable one hour every evening before bed. What does this mean? No screens, phones, tv’s, or devices other than yourself and a fiction, paper-back book to read. The goal is to read 15-30 pages of that fiction book and this has been proven to help with developing brain function and cognitive dissonance and scientifically, been shown to help people be in a more positive state of mind.


As we know, this takes work in the fast-paced society that we live in today, but according to research, is worth the effort! Where we place our valuable time can have sound effects on our overall health and happiness.


Self-care is important on our weight loss and wellness journey and incorporating in several of these items may help you reach a more positive state of well-being. I will continue to learn, evolve and work on myself on this journey to transforming into the greatest version of myself.


As challenging as the obstacles I may face, I have a strong faith that God and the Universe oversees all and everything is happening for the greater good of everyone involved. Tuning into our intuition, eating healthy, exercising, energy healing, positive affirmations, and incorporating in research as to how to live a happy life are all important tools to transforming into the greatest versions of ourselves.


Let’s continue on our path and don’t forget to contact Nutrition Wellness to set up your weight loss consultation at 901-321-5033!


You are all amazing and wonderful! I look forward to seeing you soon! Believe it and You Will Achieve IT!



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