Love Is the Highest Vibration on the Planet- Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul

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Love is the highest vibration on the planet and we must start to nourish our mind, body and soul to align us with this frequency. As difficult as change is, there would be little to no growth without it. As creatures of habit, many of us are against the idea of changing- whether it be our habits, lifestyle, careers, social networks, and hobbies. This is very understandable and there is a level of comfortability that goes along with routine and a sense of stability, that allows us to become complicit in our situations.


When this happens, we fall into a mindset that likes being comfortable in our situation and does not want to change. Unless we are forced into a new situation, we most likely will stay stagnant and enjoy the “comfortability” of our routine.


However, in the process, we do not challenge ourselves, grow or evolve on our journey through life. Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zone is the only way to grow and evolve on our journey. It is up to us to make that choice and we can also choose not to. There is nobody forcing us in either direction and we are the masters and creators of our own story.


In order to nourish our mind, body and soul, we must continually grow and evolve on our journey. We need to become self-aware of the reality of our situations and start aligning ourselves with who we truly are.  On my own journey, I have found myself in the past dimming to fit in. What does this mean? It means that I was not aligned mind, body and soul with my core essence of who I truly am and not living my most authentic life. I dimmed my light to fit into the status quo. I was essentially living in a complicit or comfortable space, people-pleasing to a large degree, but not growing and evolving to the level that I should be.


In essence, I was not being who I truly am, nor living and speaking my truth. I would aim to please those around me and not be true to my own wants and needs. I would seek approval from others, putting my own needs and wants second.  At times, I did this subconsciously, not even realizing this was who I was and what I was doing. However, as I evolved and my external circumstances began to change, the universe started pushing me on my path to truly become centered and helped me to align my own mind, body and soul.


As obstacles and hardships may have arisen, I started viewing them as lessons to learn and overcome to truly lead me on my correct path and become aligned mind, body, and soul. It is never easy, but sometimes necessary to transform into the greatest version of ourselves. As I continue on my own journey to develop self-mastery, I embrace it more and more.


As a registered dietitian, I do want to help people transform into the best version of themselves. I aim to help people take care of their “sacred temple” or space, their physical bodies, and in the process, hope to help them see the light within their own physical specimens to unleash their own light. I hope to help inspire them to align their own mind, body and soul to become the greatest version of themselves.


As I recently have become certified as a Reiki energy healer, I will now expand my practice to include Reiki energy healing as well and welcome all to come visit Nutrition Wellness as I help others to align mind, body and soul. I hope to be a vessel to help others spread light and love in a world that needs a lot more of it. The world is changing and we honestly need a lot more love to go around. We do not have enough love in the world right now and love is the highest vibration we can manifest on the planet.


The more we stand in the way of pure love and intentions, and place judgement, projections, and fear tactics on to others, we are inhibiting our own progress and the progress of the world around us. These low vibrational tactics will not allow us to move into a higher vibrational space.


Standing in our truth, speaking truth, loving our neighbors, and trying not to be judgmental is key. We can learn not to project our own fears onto others, but be as loving and compassionate as possible in our dealings with all.


This is essential on our path to ascension, enlightenment and is for the greatest good of all! By doing so, we will co-create a more beautiful, loving world and raise the vibration of the planet!


I welcome all to book their nutritional consults, and now Reiki energy healings, with Nutrition Wellness. You can book a nutritional consult to lose weight online by going to my website at and click Book Now. You can also call Nutrition Wellness at 901-321-5033 or email to set up your consult.


All information is on my website at and I invite you to please read all of it before booking so you are familiar with the services, Also, you can now book your Reiki energy healings by emailing me at or Nutrition Wellness to set that up.


Let’s do our best to make 2021 a year of positive manifestation, spread light and love, and transform into the best version of ourselves!


Believe it and You will Achieve it!


























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