Happy New Years and What Resolutions Will You Put Out Into The Universe?

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2023 is here and it’s time to put those manifestations out into the Universe. What will you manifest for 2023? Let’s call in abundance, prosperity, divine counterpart love, living our soul mission and raising the vibrations, love and light. We are entering into the New Earth and ascending. For whomever unwilling to ascend and jump on the bandwagon to healing, love and light, prepare to repeat toxic karmic cycles and be stuck in low vibrations.

For the New Year, I am first thanking God, my Angels and my ancestors for their divine protection, love and overall willingness to help me on my path forward as a lightworker, chosen one. Divine justice is coming and we can feel the energy shift. Karmics will have to face their shadow side and be held accountable for their actions.

Any negative energy and spellwork will be RETURNED TO SENDER. As chosen ones, lightworkers, higher vibrational beings living out our soul mission, we will not be affected by these lower vibrational energies anymore because we are too high vibrational. Their gig and time is up and it’s time for these beings to now face the music. They will now truly learn their lessons- the hard way.

Doing spell work or black magic to land a partner will no longer work and everyone will be seen for who they truly are. Fighting, causing drama, chaos and lies to stay in toxic relationships based on obligations (woman trying to trap men with babies), spellwork, black magic and pity will no longer fly.

People will need to wake up and get a life of their own and not rely on others’ to take care of their financial needs. It is time to find your own true love/counterpart and stop forcing others to stay with you out of false obligation, pity or unplanned pregnancies thinking a baby can trap others into staying with a person for life.

These are false foundations and all will fail in the end. These foundations will be short-lived and do not work. You cannot force anyone to do anything against their will. If a karmic person continually tries to do this, expect huge karma and to lose everything. All will crumble around you and everything you put out into the Universe, will come back to you.

These wounded people need to heal, go within, focus on themselves and do the inner work to ascend on their own path and find their own true partner. God will not allow these false unions to remain intact in any type of peace, happiness and harmony. Staying with someone for finances is not true love. As we ascend, these partnerships can no longer remain. If finances were stolen, expect the karma to be these guilty individuals losing all their finances. Identity theft, fraud and worse – expect jail time and whatever you wished on another to now come back to you.

Stealing, identity theft, fraud and all other evil crimes will be exposed in the New Year and People are being held to the full accountability of the law. If you’ve lived in a family who has married based on spellwork, black magic and baby trapping, expect to now realize this way will no longer work.

God is intervening and divine timing is here. No more cloaking and deceit, veils of illusions and trickery can survive in this new era. No more controlling others to only try to benefit from them, whether it be their time, energy or finances. People will be left out in the cold and exposed for doing so. Trying to control anothers’ destiny is not allowed and God has spoken. If people do not listen, they will be removed by the Divine in whatever way, shape and form necessary.

I am calling in my abundance, prosperity, divine counterpart love and I call on whatever is meant for me. I am releasing everything that no longer serves me.  Now is the time for the illusions to end. No more being held back, stuck, stagnant, feeling unworthy. I am fully worthy of my destiny as a lightworker, Chosen One and am calling in my divine abundance, true divine counterpart, divine soul mission and purpose in this lifetime. Others need to heal, face their own shadow side and truly go within to find their own calling.

The longer the karmics take to do this and am angered or jealous of my success in finances, love and overall life, the longer it will take for them to go on their own soul mission and find their own true counterpart. A true love not based on false foundations such as relying on black magic, spellwork, toxic generational patterns such as baby trapping to keep these toxic karmic cycles, that have lasted generations in peoples’ families.

I am the generational curse breaker in my own family and will no longer be fooled by toxic individuals needing tons of healing. Unfortunately, it is not until they are willing to do the work on their own can they truly heal and stop trying to steal a Chosen One’s destiny- God’s not having.  They will have to learn to put respect on my name and do their own healing work to move forward and find their own path.

Continue to move forward on your journey doing your best to spread love, light and peace. Contact Nutrition Wellness for a nutrition consult or Reiki energy healing at 407-698-3121.

Believe it and You Will Achieve it!




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