New Year- New You by Maria Khaled RD, LD

So I see people writing on their social media “It’s a New Year and a New Me”. The question remains are we really transforming into the new and improved versions of ourselves?

After much strife, obstacles, illusions, hardships, burdens and tragedies we may have faced in the past, are we ready for an energy shift for the better? Is it really our time now to shine and be that better version of ourselves or is it just talk? Are we improving mentally, emotionally and physically and transforming into the greatest version of ourselves?

It is now to the time to see if these are words or most will take the necessary steps to walk on their true path. With God, our Angels, Ancestors and the Universe on the side of light beings, we will overcome the darkness and raise the vibrations.

Again, we are moving into the New Earth and things are changing. We are moving on from illusions and lifting the veil that was falsely placed over us. Lightworkers and Chosen ones are stepping into their power and becoming who they are meant to be- I included.

On my own journey, I have seen many obstacles, strife, burdens and hardships placed on me as a light worker and chosen one. As I have evolved and lifted the veil, I now know much has been done to me in the dark and will be revealed in divine timing.

As many illusions people may have portrayed about my character and overall persona, the truth is and will be revealed. Divine timing is here and get ready for stuff to start to hit the fan.

As I have said before, what has been done in the dark, will now come to the surface to the light. Any body throwing stones and hiding their hands will now be exposed and seen for who they truly are.

Anybody paid to perjure, shadow bann, gangstalk, steal, defame, and attempt to harm another will now face judgement- words of the Most High. There is no room to hide anymore and enough time has been given for people to repent.

Sadly, in the spiritual warfare on the Chosen Ones, things get very dark and the battles are not for the weak or faint of heart. It takes strength, perseverance, resilience to deal with the abuse that comes out you when you stand up for what’s right and err on the light side.

Unfortunately, society does not want the masses to truly awaken and utilize their spiritual gifts to see beyond the veil and create the New World Order. However, this is exactly what us light beings are here to do and will do and anyone standing in the way will need to move- get out the way, get out the way (just like the song). The karmics time is up and enough with the abuse. It stops here and now.

In the midst of what’s coming with the New Earth, we need to continue to do the inner work and heal from our traumas- mentally, emotionally and physically. We will not allow our past to determine who we are and where we are going. We are stronger, wiser and much better than that.

We are here on a mission and will use our God given gifts to truly radiate to the world what we should be focusing on and not allow people to stay asleep regarding the spiritual realm and all the power that it holds. We can manifest what we desire and create a better world than what we are living in now. We truly do have the inner power.

Taking care of our physical vessels are important in doing so and fueling our bodies with enough nutrients to feel grounded, healthy and ready to keep elevating is essential on our path. Continue with your self-care routine and self-love.

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Believe it and You Will Achieve it!





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