Healthy Foods to Help With Weight Gain by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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So, we often talk about what foods can help us on our weight loss journeys. We forget that there may individuals out there struggling to pack on some pounds to feel their at a more desirable weight.

It got me thinking- what about for people that would like to gain weight? For those that may not be interested in losing weight, but wanting to gain weight, we need to hone in on certain foods that are known to help people pack on the pounds and gain weight. So, what are some of these foods?

First, it is important to realize that we should still focus on healthy foods and not just junk food to fuel our bodies when wanting to put some weight on. Eating healthy, mindfully and exercising are still important goals when desiring to put weight on in a safe manner. There are several foods that can be consumed to help with weight gain.

Also, it is important to note that the key to weight gain is consuming more calories than you burn from foods that will help fuel your body. Let’s look specifically at high carbohydrate foods today that help with weight gain.

So, some high carbohydrate foods that will help on your weight-gain are:

Rice is a great source of carbohydrates easy to consume and digest. One cup of cooked white rice provides 204 calories, 44 grams of carbohydrates and very little fat.

Milk provides a good balance of proteins, carbs and fats and drinking milk is a great way to add protein to your diet. Milk contains both casein and whey protein and can help people gain weight.

Nuts and Nut Butters Nuts are very good choices if you’re looking to gain weight. They contain monounsaturated fats and can even be added into a protein shake or smoothie.

Red Meats is a good source of protein that will help you gain muscle. It contains leucine and amino acid that helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Potatoes & Starches are an easy and cost-effective way to add additional calories. They also increase your muscle glycogen stores and help you gain weight.

Salmon and Fatty Fish- provide high quality protein and help you build muscle.

Dried Fruits are high in calories, fiber and antioxidants. It is an easy way to add nutrients and calories into your diet.

Whole Grain Bread is another good carbohydrate source when combined with a protein to help you gain weight.

Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and are high in vitamins, minerals and various beneficial plant compounds.

Healthy Cereals  a healthy choice of cereal Is oatmeal cooked with whole milk. You can top your oatmeal with Greek yogurt, dried fruit, chia seeds, fresh berries, and homemade granola. Oats, granola, multigrain, bran, Ezekial bread.

Cereal Bars Focus on cereal bars that are low in sugar and other healthy ingredients such as dried fruit and nuts.

Dark Chocolate is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients.

Cheese which is a good source of calcium and can help you gain weight.

Whole Eggs are a great source of protein and can help allow one to gain weight.

Healthy Fats & Oils are essential on our weight gain journey. Olive, avocado and coconut oil are healthy oils that can be put on vegetables, salads, smoothies and protein shakes.

These are among several important foods and the most important thing to remember is to eat more consistently and consume more calories than you burn in order to effectively gain weight.

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