Spiritual Warfare At An All Time High- Good Vs. Evil by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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I remember growing up and my favorite “Uncle Anthony” (pictured above with my brother) who taught me how to swim, threw birthday parties for me and would always like to say there is good and bad in all things.

There is light and dark wherever we go- every race, religion, creed, and ethnicity experiences good and bad or light and dark. I knew what he meant at the time, yet focused more on the bad part being people who may do some bad things such as gossip, not being supportive or a true friend, or just not having the amount of care and heart and soul to really create genuine long-lasting bonds in this world that we live in.

I would soon find out it would mean much more than that. What we are now witnessing in this spiritual warfare battle between good and bad is that it is at an all-time high. Any illusions cast through glamour spells, chaos spells, freezer spells, binding spells, and unfortunate death magic spells are most certainly backfiring and reversing. The curse is broken and I am the Generational Curse breaker in my own family. I am a lightworker, Starseed, Chosen one on the light side. Never would I have known that the spiritual battle runs as deep and dark as it does. It truly is mind-blowing.

When my Uncle echoed those words growing up, I took it much more lightly. There are those that are good and do right to others and there are those that are not so good and wrong others for various reasons. Never did I comprehend the depths of which this spiritual warfare takes us to.

I did not see the true evils that really take place behind the scenes- death, defamation of character, slander at an all-time high, black magic causing chaos, sickness, death, gossip, identity theft, fraud, lies, cult/coven rituals, energy harvesting, sex magic, deceit, false illusions, murder for hires, perjury, stolen inheritance/will, life insurance fraud within families, secret societies/covens, hitman, fraudulent paperwork forged, poisoning family members for life insurance money, organized crime (Rico Law) involving organizations such as people we depend on – cops, lawyers, judges, governors, politicians, UPS postal workers, banks, insurance companies, court clerks, doctors, everyday businesses that are paid off, so-called friends and family and ones we may never had expected involved in such tragic behavior.

Black magic used to cause glamour spells- not allowing light beings to be seen in their true form and for who they truly are.  These are people who may smile in your face, be the ‘church goers” praising Christianity and God while all the while involved in secret societies and covens/cults exploiting Chosen Ones and lightworkers to energy harvest and steal their destiny- which can’t be done! These are people who are actually the furthest from praising God and practicing religion and are following darkness and are as evil as it gets. They may sacrifice their own all out of greed, envy, jealousy and obtaining abundance for themselves and willing to do anything or everything for it! Little do they know, God sees all and what’s done in the dark will always come to light. Justice will be served in the physical realm.Get ready.

These people will lie on your name to obtain inheritance/wills, life insurance fraud, poison family members in their food or drink to collect life insurance all along attending Church and putting up this veil of illusion that they are actually God-faring people; Committing perjury and lying under oath to defame individuals and destroy Chosen One’s reputations falsely out of pure greed and envy. The dark beings will cast curses, black magic, money and love blockages and spells (freezer spells) to keep light beings trapped and stagnated in their lives. Once the veil is lifted, the matrix is truly seen for what it is and your third eye is opened. At this point, there is no going back to being asleep and your discernment skills are on point.

Trying to embody one’s essence and steal a chosen one’s destiny, sacrifice he/she out of pure greed, is a no go. The Most High and Divine are calling judgement and justice is and will be served. Shadow banning, blackballing from society, isolating, defaming, slandering, hidden cameras, video surveillance, hitman, energy harvesting, content theft, identity theft, poisoning, gangstalking, street theatre (staged behaviors to create isolation) and trying to impersonate under oath (perjury), cyberbullying/defaming and stealing mail are federal offenses. Straight from the Most High! Just know- Justice will be served for all involved! Spiritual warfare is here and at an all time high! For all light beings, Chosen Ones, starseeds and lightworkers, stand in your power and never stop working towards the mission you were placed here to do- and that is raising the vibration of the planet.

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