Coffee- How Can We Make It Healthier? by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As we know, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. As coffee chains around the world begin to grow, it’s important to acknowledge what a staple drink it is for many in our culture, as well as cultures across the globe.

Known for its healthy antioxidants, coffee has several health benefits, in particularly, when taken black. However, the problem is, many times we as a society are accustomed to adding in cream and sugar, which negates many of the health benefits coffee does have.

So what are some of these health benefits and how can we make our coffee healthier on our wellness journey?

First, we mentioned coffee is a potent source of antioxidants. Research shows that coffee may improve the gut microbiome (made up of healthy bacteria and aid in digestion and boost immunity).

Coffee, known for its caffeine, also helps to boost energy levels and may be linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, coffee consumed in moderate consumption (2-3 cups a day) is also linked to lower risk of heart disease, liver and endometrial cancers, Parkinson’s disease and depression. Plus, research shows that coffee can help you live longer- yes live longer!

So, the question remains, how do we make sure we’re getting these health benefits when drinking a cup of Joe. First things first. Cut the added sugar out. When consuming coffee, remember drinking it black is best. However, this may be bitter for the average person and hard to get use to.

The goal is to add skim or almond milk to that coffee with no added sugar or cream. By doing this, you’re making your morning drink ritual much healthier. This may take a bit of getting use to at first and if you are someone who is use to adding cream and two sugars to your coffee, you may want to gradually wean yourself off. Cut back to one sugar and almond milk. Then slowly cut out the sugar completely and add cinnamon, nutmeg, or cocoa to your coffee for added flavor. Once you start developing an appreciation for the natural flavor of coffee, you may find yourself enjoying it in it’s more natural state.

Keep moving forward on your wellness goals and remember small changes lead to long term wellness and weight loss success!

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