Spiritual Warfare Is Still Going On- The Battle of Good vs. Evil: Which Side Will You Choose? by Maria Khaled RD, LD

Spiritual warfare is still going on and there is a battle of “good vs. evil” going on in the collective if anyone was unaware. What side will you be on? Have you been naughty or nice?

As chosen ones, starseeds and lightworkers, the struggle is real. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers- no doubt. As we go through warfare, continue to stay strong and know that the power is within you.

When you are living your mission, you cannot be stopped. Although the road may be long and hard, if you are living authentically and true to yourself, your words will align with your actions, and you will find your purpose.

You will continue to release all that no longer serves you- people, places and things. These harsh lessons that we go through as lightworkers, starseeds and chosen ones will make us stronger.

We become strong warriors of light fighting for the path of justice and not just turning a blind eye. Never stop fighting for justice on your path.

As a chosen one myself, I know that I have been blocked on my own soul’s mission in many areas- money, love, family blockages that were all placed on my path for a greater purpose.

I will never let that stop me to continue to pursue all that I know I can do and have the ability to accomplish. I will work to overcome the hardships, obstacles and not let them turn me into a cynical person.

In transforming into the greatest version of myself, I also will always strive for justice- something that I believe has not been fully valued in society. I will expose injustice, corruption and allow people to be seen for who they truly are- masks lifted!

At the end of the day, everyone will have to face their shadow side, face their own karma and be held accountable for their actions- to the full extent of the law. Black magic, sorcery and any cloaking will not be able to hide anyone from their fate.

The most high sees all and the path they chose based on the choices they made in this 3D lifetime. All must take accountability for their actions.

Nobody will remain hidden no matter what sorcery or dark work they imply. The most high is exposing all to be seen for who they truly are. You cannot hide from the spiritual warfare and the fate it entails.

My goal is to transform into the greatest version of myself and help others transform into their best selves. Although life is not always fair, we must continue to keep seeking justice. For those individuals who are on the dark side of spiritual warfare, know that you will not be unseen.

I will remain as positive as possible on my journey and not let the cynical nature of others deter me from my mission on earth. God has a soul mission for me to complete and I will not let anyone stop me from fulfilling it.

The Divine will continue to oversee what is going on and justice will eventually be served. The dark has not won and although there is a lot of evil going on, we will raise consciousness and help people ascend to higher levels. Those who choose to follow the light side of the spiritual warfare battle and be those best versions of ourselves.

You have the key within you and are capable. By standing in your power and standing up for justice, you will help elevate the consciousness and raise the vibration. Stay strong and manifest peace, love and light!

It is the time to elevate our consciousness and rise above to bigger and better things. As the holiday season, draws near, keep the faith, remain steadfast and know that you will manifest the life you desire. Keep putting out positivity into the Universe and never give up.

Contact Nutrition Wellness at 407-698-3121 and keep transforming into that greatest version of yourself!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be your best self and keep moving forward on your path to manifest the life you want for yourself and your loved ones! 

Believe it and You Will Achieve it!




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