The Full Moon on Our Journey- Releasing and Letting Go By Maria Khaled RD, LD

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My spiritual message of the day today focused on the Full Moon and the importance of releasing what no longer serves us. We just had a full moon and it is so important, if you have not already, to cut cords with any old karmic cycles and people for good.

One way to do this is by doing a cord cutting ritual and writing the names down of people who we release, and burning it. Any person who has kept us stagnant on our journey and not allowed us to receive our divine birthright, must be released into the Universe.

It is possible to remain amicable, if desired, yet set strong boundaries to not allow anyone to keep us on a stagnated path no more! Now that we are awakened and enlightened, we can see through the veil of illusions.

We will no longer be manipulated, fooled or slandered as we are now aware that we are higher vibrational beings with an important mission to help people ascend and raise their vibration.

Put those positive affirmations out into the Universe “I am beautiful and radiant, I am healthy, I am abundant and prosperous, I am living my soul mission, I am in union with my divine counterpart, I am living authentically, My career is successful, My business is booming” are each examples of positive affirmations that we are calling into the Universe right now. We are living our best lives now and will not be denied!

Also, any person whose blessings have been stolen, or were victims of identity theft, fraud, defamation, slander, exploitation, financial and material loss, our birthrights stolen or denied, we will receive back what was rightfully meant for us. My birthright will be restored now and all masks of the enemies will be ripped off!

Any person/persons who have stolen from higher vibrational beings such as lightworkers, starseeds or chosen ones, will be held up to full accountability of the law. Justice will be served and even if it has not been served yet, it will be. God, the Divine and the Universe will not allow these false illusions, manipulations, evil doers to succeed in stealing the blessing of his children.

Envision what you want for yourself and KNOW that you will receive it. If you are living your soul mission and anybody is trying to stop you or steal your destiny, know that you will receive it back NOW. Divine timing is here and miracles do happen. I have full faith that I am not alone on my journey as a lightworker, chosen one, or starseed and as many obstacles or difficulties that I have encountered, I know I am living my soul mission and will not be denied.

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Keep transforming into the greatest version of yourself and know that if you Believe it and You Will Achieve it!



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