Step Into Your Power and Become the Best Version of Yourself

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Step Into Your Power and Become the Best Version of Yourself

When it comes to my Nutrition Wellness practice, people have asked what is the wellness or spirituality aspect that I talk about on my website. Great question! As I have been enlightened and have gone through, and continue on my spiritual journey, I have learned many things that make me look at life in a completely new way. One of the most important things that I have learned is the importance of self-love. Self-love is the act of loving yourself entirely and embracing who you are and what you think your purpose is on this planet. Loving yourself is being true to yourself and becoming the most authentic version of your being. Speaking your truth and not being afraid to be true to oneself, is so vital on the path to enlightenment and becoming the best version of yourself!

Having unconditional love for yourself is the most important thing I have come to understand through my awakening process. Truly being compassionate to oneself, allowing for positive self-talk, setting positive affirmations, and believing in yourself, is key to unlocking your true potential and becoming the best version of yourself. Getting rid of things that no longer serve you is a huge component to gaining this unconditional love. This holds true whether you want to change physically through weight loss, or mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Power Lies Within You and You Can Absolutely Do It!

Manifesting your desires is what we all want and love is what every human seeks. We are all connected through energy and the goal is to heal ourselves and transmute any negative energy or ego that may arise along the way. It is not an easy process and takes time, meditation, unconditional love, and strength to become the best version of ourselves. However, once we become enlightened, the feeling of empowerment is like none other, and nobody can take it away! You become fierce in your inner knowing and carry a higher aura that can be felt by others. That inner light we have within us is meant to shine; that fire that was once within, will be finally shone unto the world and be seen for what it truly is.  Nobody can take it away! Stand strong and believe- and you will achieve and manifest your goals!

Does this mean many of our problems will dissipate? Unfortunately, no. We will still have obstacles and blocks in the road, however; once we come into our empowerment, we will have a deep sense of inner peace and knowing that will help with our decision making and allow for peace of mind in this ever-changing world. Once you align with your true self, you will make better decisions. We are living in a world that can unfortunately cut away at our integrity, inner strength, and light that we many times possessed to a strong degree at one point in our lives. It is when we take back our power, love ourselves unconditionally, nurture ourselves before we nurture others, and stand strong in our power, can we shine and help others to see their light!

Everyone has the potential to unlock their inner light and feel confident and strong in who they are. We cannot think of mistakes as failures, yet as lessons that allow for growth and expansion. There are no true mistakes- just lessons in life that we are meant to go through to learn. It is only in those times of strife, do we gain strength, grow and expand. Find the fire within yourself and get started with booking a consult with Nutrition Wellness.

Thank you and See You Soon! The Power Lies Within You and You Can Absolutely Do It!





























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  • Josiah Thomas
    4 years ago

    Thank you my friend, and very proud of you always and always a huge fan my friend and I know how special, lovely and beautiful you are my friend and always love reading everything you post and becoming the best version of ourselves daily. I love you

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