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Weight Loss For the Holidays

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Hurry and sign up for my 21 Day Weight Loss Program starting November 30, 2019! You will receive amazing information and step by step instructions on weight loss, fitness, and the importance of incorporating Unicity Complete Protein into your lifestyle. When you participate in my Getfit21 Challenge, your entire life will begin to change at the cellular level. You will look and feel better and notice a difference in your energy level. You will shed weight and slowly transform into a greater version of yourself!

For $89, you get a lot of stuff. What do you get? You get the Vanilla Unicity Protein Complete Meal Replacement. You also get access to a private facebook group. You get private coaching from myself, a registered dietitian and Getfit 21 coach. You also get daily emails about daily food tips and fitness advice to help you on your 21 Day Weight loss journey into becoming the best version of yourself!

You will order the Unicity Complete Protein and use my code:

I will provide daily information on what you post on the facebook group and the first week will comprise of 2 shakes and a meal and the third week will be comprised of 1 shake and two meals. You will take pictures of your  shakes and meals and post them on the private facebook group so I can see (as well as any other group members). You are also to post a (daily) picture of you exercising (30 minute exercise- 6 days a week with preferably a HIIT routine which will be explained). However, any activity of your choosing will do.

The beauty about the GetFit 21 program is that it is done online and you will get pheonomenal results once you commit to it. It is a very simple process to get started and sometimes I hear from clients that it can be somewhat intimidating to post selfies if they may not be use to it. That is not a problem and even if you post an occasional selfie, that is the goal. Show that you are participating in a workout routine at least 30 minutes a day- 6 days a week and drinking your Unicity Protein Shake and/or meals for the day.

Also, the picture can be of you drinking your shake or standing near it. You can also just post pictures of the shakes and meals as you move along the challenge. The goal is to be held accountable for your action and it’s not difficult ! I promise you that you can do it and we will make accommodations if something may come up! It is a really great way to build a positive mindset, accountability, and most importantly, healthy principles to lose weight and transform into a greater version of ourselves!

Contact me now at 901-321-5033 or email . You can also sign up on my website – Nutrition Wellness

Nutrition Wellness believes in you! Believe it and you will achieve it!

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