What is GetFit21 and Can I Lose Weight On It?


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GetFit 21 is a wonderful online program that forces you to lose weight, get fit, and change on a metabolic level. How does it do this you ask? Good question. It allows one to listen to their body’s cues, create positive habits, and take control of your life! A simple way to think about this is that Getfit21 is a fabulous challenge that can help people lose weight and change on a metabolic level. The program has several components to it that have contributed to its success. It focuses on a very important principle called intermittent fasting, which employs the 4-4-12 hour meal spacing pattern that is very effective in weight loss.  Combined with this principle, it is vital to prioritize protein, control carbohydrates, and fuel with fat. Incorporating in the science and research-based products that Unicity has to offer is a huge game changer and have really allowed for phenomenal results for weight loss challengers.

What is so wonderful about this program is that for $89, you get a lot of stuff. First, you enroll as a Challenger and get a 30 Day Meal Replacement (Unicity Complete Vanilla)) and are welcome to purchase LCBase, Lfiber, Balance, Fuel, Matcha, as well as many other products that will aid you on your weight loss journey. Next, you get a Coach and a private facebook group, which allow for accountability, motivation, and encouragement. You receive a Challenger’s Guide, with a Metabolic Guide, that pretty much gives you everything you need to know to be successful in the program. Next, you get daily posts, from your coach, with the opportunity to post meals (2 shakes and a meal the first week, then 1 shake and 2 meals the next 2 weeks) and exercise (5 days a week for 30 minutes a day) with great tips and advice as how to gain the most results on your weight loss journey to health!

You take your measurements before (weight and inches), as well as a before and after picture, and then after the 21 days is over, you take your measurements and picture again- seeing all the HARD work that you’ve done! As a coach for Getfit21, I believe in the philosophy of accountability, effort, mindset, and prioritizing protein, but most importantly, yourself, in order for you to transform into the best version of you! A weekly reset meal (one meal a week that is one of your favorites is allowed) and helps keep you going strong on the program! A Positive coach and team encouragement, daily accountability, meals and exercise tips and guidance, how can you go wrong! A big thanks to my wonderful collegue, Patty Martin, who is a Registered Dietitian with Sugarland Nutrition, for familiarizing me with the program! She is great and passionate about her profession.

The core basis of the Getfit21 program is to prioritize protein, control carbohydrates, and fuel with fat. Limiting the amount of carbohydrates taken in are crucial to one’s overall success. Therefore, less carbs, more protein, and fuel with fat (healthy fats) are key components that allow this program to work. That’s it! I highly recommend all to sign up for the Getfit21 Challenge and welcome any new participants. Now with the holidays in full swing, we need to be mindful of how much we are eating.

So, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Did anyone happen to splurge on too many of those side dishes such as sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce? How about seconds or thirds on that turkey and gravy? If portion control was off that day and snacks and carbohydrates were at an all-time high, no need to feel solemn. It’s not over. Yes, it’s the holidays and portion sizes and controlling carbohydrates may not be ideal for that holiday meal; but, it is not too difficult to get back into the swing of things. Moderation is key, and gaining a few pounds, rather than, the average 10-15 lbs, can make a huge difference when getting back into your usual routine. Booking a consult with Nutrition Wellness can help get you on that saddle to success on your weight loss journey!


Call 901-321-5033 or book online at https://mariakrd.com and don’t forget to take a look at some of the fabulous products on my site to help you on your weight loss journey, as well as your journey to best health. Check out https://nutritionwellness.org/shop!

Remember, you are amazing and the power lies within you and you can absolutely do it! Believe it and you will achieve it! See you soon!












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