Take A Stand And Nutrition Wellness

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Take A Stand and Nutrition Wellness

Nutrition Wellness is all about achieving best health- physically through weight loss, and mentally, spiritually. and emotionally, by turning into the best version of yourself. How can we do this you say? Receiving sound meal plans, understanding healthy eating and exercise tips, and having a goal, along with nutritional guidance and commitment, are all keys to becoming a better version of ourselves. This is very important for physical well-being and helps with living a long, healthy life. To become better inwardly, we must align with our true self and our own sense of integrity. We must TAKE A STAND!

I came across this in an email sent from a local playhouse asking all Middle School Students to submit their stories about taking a stand. After reading it, I felt inspired and passionate about writing about taking a stand. The excerpt goes as follows:

“Sometimes in life, we see examples of an individual who doesn’t take a stand for an issue or problem. Rather the individual goes along with the status quo and does nothing and the problem continues. What is it like when someone does take a stand? What kind of change may happen in an individual to give them the courage to stand? How could a young person make such a discovery? What could that discovery make them do differently? We are asking young people to share their stories about taking a stand.  Submit a Script…..”

Wow, after reading this, it hit home! It really hit the heart and soul of what I believe we as a nation need to work towards.” Standing up for what is right and not following status quo” just to fit in and not rock the boat, is seen all too often.” How many times do we see people just go with the flow or status quo just to keep things even keel. What about when it goes against our integrity and everything we stand for, is it right to turn a blind eye to corrupt or unethical behavior that may be going on- just to go with the flow. “I don’t think so and no to just going with status quo.” As difficult as this may be, it is our duty and right to TAKE A STAND in life for our physical health, and equally importantly, for our “integrity.”

I recently saw a movie and it discussed the very heart and soul of this matter. We live in a world that can so easily cut you down, tear away at your integrity, slowly compromise your self-esteem, sometimes without even making it an obvious front- But, in subtle ways, it can be felt and absorbed, especially by highly intuitive empathic individuals. In the movie, a segment of the NYC cops, were found to be highly corrupt and defied their oaths to serve and protect. They went against the core principles, we as individuals, believe cops, or any law abiding and enforcing organization, should be held up to.

In effect, aside from being corrupt and having several followers in the organization, one good man (one cop) or main character showed integrity and continued to stand by his oath to serve and protect- and do the right thing at the end of the day. When the corrupt cop was seen for who he truly was, he told the good cop some words to this effect- “Many times, to keep the status quo, we need to look the other way and go with the flow of things, trying to persuade him to join the gang.” However, the good cop (main character) looked him dead in the face and said- “NO, I prefer to look the devil right in the eyes and stand up for what’s right.” Of course, after this, there is a showdown and the good cop prevails. However, the take away message is “TAKE A STAND FOR DOING WHAT’S RIGHT AND DON’T BE PERSUADED OTHERWISE.” Doing the right thing when nobody is looking is really what it is all about. This makes all the difference in the world and can truly raise the vibration of the planet.

Yes, we are not perfect individuals, and only God and our creator are. However, doing the right thing is what we should all strive for. Whether it is done regularly, or one makes small strides towards this goal- it is monumental in creating a better society where we are- raising the vibration and becoming better people ourselves and creating a more fruitful, integral world. Yes, it is not easy and standing up for what’s right can cause you to be unpopular at times, living in a world that many are going with the status quo, and not aligning with their true self and integrity.

It is only when we align with our true self and integrity, will we do the right thing when nobody is looking; will we not go along with the “herd mentality consciousness” and go with the flow. Everyone is capable  and strong enough and nothing is holding them back- except going with the “status quo.”

I strongly believe and encourage not going with the status quo, taking a stand, being your authentic true self, aligning with integrity, and doing the right thing at the end of the day- even when nobody is looking. It is really the heart and soul of everything in this world. A deep love for oneself, each other, and humanity, in this crazy world we live in, goes a long way. The more of us that start taking strides towards “Taking a Stand” even in the smallest way and doing the right thing, is MONUMENTAL! You are awesome and amazing and I believe in all of you!

Overall, I loved seeing this local request for submissions on TAKING A STAND. Although it is geared towards middle schoolers, it is essentially a universal theme we all should believe in. Take a Stand for your health, happiness, and becoming the best version of yourself. The Power Lies Within You and You Can Absolutely Do It!”

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