What is the Best Eating Plan that Will Optimize Athletic Performance?

What Is The Best Eating Plan That Will Optimize Athletic Performance

Is there a best eating plan that will optimize athletic performance is a question that gets asked often. There is a best eating plan and at Nutrition Wellness, we focus on designing a meal plan that optimizes health, wellness, and helps transform you into your best self. Through the principles of understanding macronutrients, physical activity, intuitive eating, lowering carbohydrates/ increasing protein, loving yourself and losing weight, you will achieve success on your journey to optimal health and performance. Each of these components builds on the other to help you gain the momentum and confidence that you need to optimize performance and reach success. Once you reach success, you transform mind, body and soul.

It is important to understand that if we consume more calories than we expend throughout the day, we will gain weight. If we burn more calories than we consume throughout the day, we will lose weight. It is a mathematical equation. Aside from certain conditions, such as hypothyroidism, this energy balance equation holds true. So understanding this, what can we do to optimize athletic performance? First, a person should be sure they are able to incorporate physical activity or a workout regimen into their usual routine. Make sure it is medically feasible to incorporate the physical activity program into your routine and give it your all. This physical activity, walking is a primary component and aiming for a certain number of steps throughout the day, is vital to seeking optimal health. This is all explained in further detail in my 30 DAY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM that you can find at Nutrition Wellness or call 901-321-5033 or email me at nutritionwellness@mariakrd.com.

Next, intuitive eating is something that goes hand in hand with optimizing performance and athleticism. Honoring your body’s hunger cues is an essential part of following your meal plan. Asking ourselves if we are truly hungry, and knowing when we are full, is essential. If we find ourselves eating for emotional reasons, we need to recognize this and start developing other hobbies/activities in place of food. Once we work together to come up with your meal plan, based on your needs, it is important to utilize the principles of intuitive eating and not consume more than we should or pick foods that do not fall into our meal plan.

Lowering carbohydrates and increasing protein is vital to feeling good and optimizing athletic performance. The goal is to cut back on calories that come from bread, pastas, rice, and cereals and start incorporating higher amounts of protein such as fish, chicken, eggs (watch the amount of yolks) and cottage cheese. Eating higher amounts of protein will help with developing lean muscle and reducing body fat. Incorporating high fiber foods such as vegetables, some fruit, and legumes can help with optimizing your nutritional performance and provide you with the nutrients that you need. You are capable of achieving success and optimizing your performance if protocol is followed.

 At Nutrition Wellness, BMI is first determined and normal range falls between 18 – 24.9 . If a person’s BMI goes over this, they are overweight, or if significant enough, they may be obese. Once BMI is determined, a plan of action can be put in to play and a meal plan developed. Working together, we will come up with a meal plan, review macronutrients, discuss foods to limit, and point out how to optimize performance to the best of your ability. This will help you achieve the optimal performance you desire.

The wellness aspect of this protocol centers around loving yourself and reaching your fitness goals. Once a person transforms physically by obtaining their fitness goals, it is inevitable that they will feel better and become their best self. When we transform physically, it has an effect on the mind, body, and soul and we slowly come to love ourselves more because we are reaching our full potential. Once we begin reaching our potential, we develop self-love and become the best versions of ourselves.

This is the ultimate goal at Nutrition Wellness and is what I strive to do. The power lies within each of us and it is just a matter of unleashing it. Signup at Nutrition Wellness at nutritionwellness@mariakrd.com or call 901-321-5033 to get started. Also, check out my website to see all offerings and products on my SHOP section at https://mariakrd.com Hope to see you Soon!

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