The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness- Is this True For All Americans or Just Some? By Maria Khaled RD, LD

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As many know, my blog posts are both about nutrition and spiritual messages I have received intuitive downloads on that may trigger some people or not resonate with everyone. For this reason, I advise to only read what you feel inclined to and know some messages will have various spiritual downloads within them that may trigger individuals.

When I think about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, I think about the ability to pursue your dreams free of prejudice, judgement, harassment, gang stalking, public speech, freedom to earn a living without being blocked, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, ability to post on social media without being shadow banned for no reason, free from false defamation of character, free from false allegations being brought into a court of law with false/no evidence, free from fear tactics and isolation tactics of people/family members’ plotting to end someone’s life for false life insurance policies, free from family stealing inheritance, property, trusts, finances and living the high life off of what is destined for you, free from crooked officials and people of authority in the courts of law, corrupt cops, corrupt bank clerks, crooked judges allowing for forged documents and being paid under the table to steal inheritance and try to take people out, false politicians, covens swapping destinies and engaging in black magic to take out chosen ones, and false churches and pastors sharing great fortune meant for another, free from any stranglehold in careers, jobs, health visits, right to attorney representation and fair dealings in any and all businesses – all of this freedom built on the idea that one is not in a strangle hold by any person, place or organization/coven  for the love of money, power and greed.

Isn’t this what it means for freedom and pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

So what happens if the freedom and pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is ever compromised? Isn’t the United States of America suppose to be built with the Constitutional right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness intact.

Why do some feel more entitled to take what is meant for a good person, higher vibrational being, lightworker or chosen one and think they are more entitled to this persons’ great fortune than the actual person it was destined for. It is very sad to see the amount of destruction people will go to all for the love of money, power and greed- Money, fame,  fortune that does not belong to them and was destined for another.

Corruption that goes so far as willing to take out and plot murders against one’s own family members for life insurance and this practice is being done on mass scales with insurance agencies, banks, etc. involved all sharing a cut of the proceeds. Yes, this is so sad and truly happening and needs to be investigated on a grand scale. People are actually putting life insurance policies on others, whether it may be family members, or even people they do not know and involve insurance agencies to set people up for their demise to collect. Truly tragic and never would I think people can stoop the lowest of the low to engage in these crimes.

Also, stolen inheritances and great fortunes, properties, trusts are being taken by family and community members in a similar fashion- setting up the individual (many times a higher vibrational being, chosen one/lightworker) for their demise, hiring hitman, poisoning food, staging fake deaths, using dopple gangers in court to impersonate and catfish, stealing business revenue/content/ideas/platforms and stealing these great fortunes to share amongst each other after their intended plan to take this person out works out.

All the while, these same people, who pretend to be of the church, God-faring are plotting this person’s funeral getting ready to fake cry and act like they truly had love for this person all along with others. How truly terrifying and scary is this. It really defies anything you can imagine is human.

These are people that present themselves as high honor in the community, church goers, God-faring people, skilled narcissists, master manipulators who can cry at the drop of a dime and make people believe them due to their mastery of manipulation and narcissim, which they have been engaging in their entire lifetime- not to mention the secret societies and underground organizations that engage in rituals/black magic to swap destinies and ruin and smear chosen ones’ reputations.  

These secret societies go so far as doing spellwork, confusion spells, jar magic, freezer spells, on the courts/judges/cops and officials to create illusions and cloak themselves as not to be seen as engaging in this dark magic- which actually has been successful in the courtroom not allowing officials to truly see the truth. That is how powerful this dark magic can be. But, one thing that is certain, there is a point in time, that the dark magic cannot go beyond.

That time is now. God and The Most High sees all that is done in the dark and will now intervene. No dark magic is more powerful than the divine and when stuff goes too far and people are unwilling to rightfully work for their own money, fame, fortune- rather than steal it- there is a point that it won’t go beyond. Divine intervention has arrived.

Nobody is more powerful than God and the Divine and no dark magic evildoers can continue living off good righteous people. These secret societies also energy harvest off these chosen ones/ high priest/priestess energy and gain wealth and opportunity from doing so. Yes, energy harvesting performed in underground covens and lodges to manipulate energy for their success and behalf- attempting to steal a chosen ones destiny.

In this new season, people will be exposed and held to justice on behalf of their crimes. No longer is living off the lay of the land allowed because they feel their more entitled than another to have wealth. We are heading towards changes.

Keep developing your discernment skills and know if you are truly of the light, no weapon formed against you will prosper and these evildoers will face justice! Divine intervention cannot and will not be stopped! Praise be the Most High!

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