Chosen Ones- What is Meant For You Cannot Be Taken Away by Maria Khaled RD, LD

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So today I feel guided to dive into the spiritual warfare that has been taking place between the dark and light forces. I have talked about the significance of this warfare and how much I have undergone on my own journey as a Chosen One. I am going to open up about some of what I have been going through during this warfare. There has been so much and really it would require a Lifetime movie to showcase the entirety of it.

If you watch my videos, you know I talk about spiritual warfare and how destructive the dark forces are in trying to stop the light beings from raising the vibration of the earth and speaking truth. They do not want this to happen. They do not want people to wake up and use their gifts to see past the veil of what is truly going on. Because I am gifted spiritually as a Chosen One and inherited a large inheritance in the earthly realm, I am very targeted!

As a chosen one, I have overcome many obstacles on my journey. Many people I know would not Have been able to have gone through the calamities that I have experienced; yet, I know there is a higher purpose for all of the suffering at hand. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, ie. Jesus Christ, who suffered and died on the cross because he was targeted and people did not want to believe who he was and what his mission on earth is. He suffered many wrongdoings because of his birthright, died on the cross and then resurrected on Easter Sunday. All of these sufferings endured do not ease all of the pain that comes with the process; yet allows me to turn that pain into power, passion and purpose on my path.

So, here we go. I have been set up by my own family and community in order to steal some kind of large inheritance, property and trust that was meant for me. Many people, fake friends, officials in the Court (lawyers, judges) and cops knew about what was going on and collaborated with these evil folks because they were paid off (with large sums of money meant for me left by a deceased family member) and family was able to forge official documents to steal my inheritance and birthright. They created huge smear campaigns to target my reputation and spread false rumors around the community to crucify me to anyone I came into contact with. They used black magic and spell work to block money, love and success from coming my way.

They also paid off family, community members, officials to keep these false defamation suits going. In other words, the reason everyone stayed in on it (fake friends, community members, court officials) is because they were all in on it and getting paid. Even those family and friends closest to me, whom I would never think could stoop to those levels for $, were in on it.

They had a doppleganger copycat pose as me in court and obtain this inheritance. They stole my business ideas, content, platform, worked to shadow ban me on social media, somehow was able to steal my mail and worked with USPS, got neighbors and local businesses involved with overcharging me for services, placed hidden cameras in my home, falsely defamed me to the community to get me isolated, created fear tactics, engaged in black magic to stop all money and true love from coming to me. All because of an inheritance (money and property) and because I am spiritually gifted. This was due to extreme jealousy, envy, greed, extreme hate at it’s highest level.

I have been gang stalked on the road repeatedly by people flashing high beams, cutting me off, trying to run me off the road, and when this was going on at its highest levels, I immediately went to the police and even took pictures of license plates, had several, and when I walked into the precinct with what was going on, I was treated beyond inhumane. I was harassed, bullied and gaslit by the cop who used scare tactics, manipulation and dominance, to disregard all of what I was saying and showing proof of. He questioned me aggressively as if I had a part in anything that was going on and if I would have continued saying another word, I do believe he would have taken me in to be looked at in a criminal nature and tried to falsely arrest me.

 It was that abusive and a form of harassment. How can this be going on? These people are the ones to serve and protect and here I was being harassed as if I was truly the criminal when all the while I’m minding my business and being gang stalked on the road repeatedly because of smear campaigns and false defamation over my inheritance. This wanted to curse me, block any chance of making money or have true love come my way and Swap Destinies! They wanted my birthright!

These people who have stolen what was mine, an inheritance, property and birthright, wanted me in jail, a mental institution, or taken out so they could continue to split the inheritance and take out a Chosen One with Spiritual Gifts. They lied on my name in court, had a doppleganger appear as me, and defamed me in the absolute worst way possible- all out of envy, greed and hate.

Close friends and family engaged in plots to lead to my demise- all for the love of money. These were people I thought were trustworthy individuals and whom I confided in with my most personal information. People I would never have thought would betray me thinking they did truly had love for me and were on my team.

Also, I had neighbors in my previous community invading my property, breaking things, in which I called the cops on a few occasions where it appeared nothing was done. Why? I was never given any significant help and no fair rule of law applied. It appeared as if the community, cops, USPS (mail repeatedly stolen), several businesses in the area were all in on this plot to defame me and lead to my demise. Were all these people getting paid?

The goal of this, as I know as a Chosen One, is they wanted to get me out of the way so they can keep getting my inheritance. They wanted to either put me in jail, a mental institution (thinking all of these repeated attacks would make me go crazy) or take me off this earth so they can swap destinies and steal my birthright as a Chosen One. Money, fame and fortune is their motive and they are willing to go to any lengths to get there. They wanted to keep splitting the inheritance and take out a Chosen One with spiritual gifts meant to help raise the vibration of the planet.

Every attempt you can think of has been made to block my money, voice (shadow banning) and true love from coming to me. The amount of jealousy, envy, greed, hate and selfishness is beyond comprehension. I do not even feel it is real at times as it does feel surreal. I feel like I am in a Lifetime movie and what makes it so ironic is these people claim to be God-faring people, who claim to be very religious and go to church on Sundays. Meanwhile, these are the furthest people from Christ and the most evil of evil you can utterly imagine. They are cold-hearted criminals who kill family members, put life insurance policies on them (without their knowledge) collaborate with others and set up their own demise.

I know this was designed for me to go through as a Chosen One and there is a greater purpose. I turn whatever pain I have endured into passion, power and purpose to elevate consciousness and raise the vibration of the planet. Being awakened and enlightened to the degree that I am, I must say I am still stunned by the amount of betrayals and it does truly break my heart. People I thought would never betray me to this degree were right under my nose. Yet, I do know this is all part of a greater plan- a divine purpose and mission.

What I am here to say today is that what is meant for you cannot be taken away. Although there has been a delay- my ships are on their way. This was temporary. God is witnessing all and all involved will be held accountable to the highest degree of the law. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and I will get back everything owed to me and more. I am claiming my birthright now. Divine Justice is coming and people will be held accountable and exposed. I will reap what is mine and justice will be served.

Keep transforming into the Greatest Version of Yourself. Believe it and You will Achieve it!


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