Spiritual Warfare and Transforming Into Our Best Selves

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As I advance on my spiritual journey, I have learned the importance of tuning in to my intuition and realize the vast transformations that are taking place around me. I understand that I am evolving for the greater good and am seeing many changes around me- some good and some not so good.


Also, as I evolve spiritually, I am learning that there is a very serious battle between light and dark- good and bad going on in the world right now as we move towards the New Earth. The goal is to always stay on the path of the light and goodness, foregoing darkness and evil along the way, as difficult as it may be at times.


Since Halloween has finished, also known as the Day of the Dead, and one of my favorite holidays, we are reminded that we wear masks and costumes to put on personas that are not inherently ours. We get to “pretend” to be another for a day and have fun with the thoughts of acting out of character for a holiday.


It begs me to question “how many of us wear masks (maybe not in a literal sense) but every day of the year to pretend to be someone that we are not or fit into status quo. Why is sincerity, authenticity, not always seen as positive in society as I believe it threatens the norm and status quo? The question is- Should it? This is what we each need to answer for ourselves.


Whether it be through programming, people-pleasing or fear, sometimes people fear acting authentically due to societal judgement, criticism, and ridicule to chip away at one’s self esteem.


It is not always easy to be our true selves, since we are living in such a cancel culture where we are subconsciously judged on a daily basis, maybe through no fault of our own- brainwashing that we’ve picked up along the way. It takes strength to step outside the norm and not walk the line of status quo.  


The goal of our spiritual journey is to remove the masks, focus on self-love, and reach to our deepest depths of authenticity. The goal is to live an authentic life. This means becoming who we truly are meant to be and going within to develop self-love.


This takes time and does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process and the faster we get on our path, the more positive results we will start witnessing and feeling.


Feeling desensitized to our surroundings is not the answer to becoming our most authentic selves. Reclaiming our heart and soul and transforming into who we are meant to be is what God and the Divine wants for each and everyone of us- as hard as it may be.


It is only then do we reclaim our power and strength to step into true happiness within. We are no longer looking for external validation to raise us up. Sometimes the harshness of life’s lessons need to teach us this.


Being a highly empathic lightworker, I am usually faced with several obstacles that I am meant to overcome, always persevering for the greater good and working to accomplish justice, love, and light. As I’ve mentioned before, this spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart and the more enlightened and woke one is, the better they’ll fare on the journey to transforming into the greatest version of themselves.


Spiritual signs and synchronicities are meant to help guide me on my own journey, facing fears along the way, have all helped me to transform and overcome tremendous obstacle put on my path all for a reason.


Remaining calm and balanced in every situation (as much as possible), is key to helping us develop that self- love. Mastery over one’s emotions are key and we are tested on this path continuously as we ascend and being true to our wants, desires and love is what will help us keep ascending to the greatest versions of ourselves.


I am constantly being tested, facing harsh realities, questioning things, overcoming obstacles and mountains, while aligning with my true self. Nothing comes easy even when you ascend, yet the deeper awareness you have within takes you to new heights and allows for that 30,000 foot perspective that we need.


We then start becoming balanced mentally, spiritually and emotionally and transform into that beautiful butterfly that we know each of us has within.


Keep overcoming the obstacles and transforming into your greatest self!


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Believe it and You Will Achieve It!









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