Coffee- Is It Good or Bad For Us?


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So coffee is such a staple beverage in society and the question remains- is coffee good or bad for you? I’ve met many people over the years who are either diehard coffee lovers and drink their coffee religiously and those who say I cannot tolerate coffee due to the caffeine or “I just don’t like it.”

Recently, I was asked the question, is coffee bad for me? Since it has caffeine, should I avoid it because it may not aid me on my journey? The answer is No, coffee itself is not bad for you. It actually has many health benefits that will aid you on your journey to weight loss. So, why does coffee get a bad wrap at times and what are those significant health benefits that coffee provides?

Let’s take a closer look. Coffee actually has been researched over the years and what we know is that coffee has several health benefits that not only can aid you on your weight loss journey, but on your health journey overall. Coffee is actually considered a superfood and research shows that adults can drink up to 400 mg of caffeine safely a day- roughly equivalent to 4 cups a day. I will touch on some of those health benefits here.

I remember growing up loving coffee and until this day, I continue to love a morning cup of brew. Did you know that coffee can actually help people who have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?  According to the Mayo Clinic, coffee may be a treatment in those with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Studies have shown that drinking two or more cups of coffee a day had less liver damage than those who drank little or no coffee. In addition , a review published in the journal Acta Scientiarum Polonorum found that the available data suggests that regular consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of NAFLD and its co-morbidities. (

Coffee also helps with energy.  Since it is a natural stimulant, coffee can give you energy and immediate boost anytime that you drink it. Normally, the energy surge you get from coffee takes about 15 minutes to take hold and the effects of it usually stay in your system for about 8 hours. This is why many times you may hear some people say they drink coffee before their workouts.

In addition, coffee has been noted to help people live longer. Since coffee is an antioxidant, it has been proven to add years to your life. Research published found that coffee consumption reduced all cause mortality and reduced risks of heart failure, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology followed 10,000 men and found that those who abstained from drinking coffee increased their risk of early death over a lifespan. Another study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods looked at how coffee consumption worked in the body to promote longevity.

Researchers found that in women, coffee increased levels of adiponectin, which is known to control metabolic processes in the body related to heart disease and diabetes. This is wonderful news that coffee contributes to one’s life span.

As I mentioned earlier, coffee aids on the weight loss journey because it speeds up metabolism. It is a great tool for boosting your metabolism daily. Researchers have found that those who consumed coffee on a daily basis had an easier time maintaining their weight loss. Researchers found that drinking 4 cups of coffee per day reduced participants’ overall body fat by 4 percent. (

Researchers think that the body fat loss “may be due to the caffeine in coffee increasing the drinkers metabolism, which may burn more calories and cause a decrease in body fat. Now, this study did not include adding cream, sugar and whole milk included in the coffee, which in turn would affect fat loss and body weight.

Brain health and coffee actually have a connection! Yes, did you know that coffee has been shown to make you more alert and to improve brain function? Research has shown that a diet rich in foods like fruits, fish, wine, cacao, coffee, and tea was shown to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia with age.

In addition, research has found that coffee also improves mood and cognitive function. The study found that between 1 and 8 cups of coffee daily “maximized the benefits of cognitive function, mood, physical performance and hydration.” (

Coffee also helps improve workouts and that is why you will hear people say they drink a cup of coffee prior to a workout. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that coffee improved endurance testing on athletes. (

Now, remember these studies are looking strictly at coffee and not the additional ingredients added to it such as cream, sugar and milk. These ingredients of course will affect one’s weight and fat loss.

So overall, know that drinking coffee in moderation actually has some good health benefits. Coffee can improve metabolism, brain health, improve mood, boost energy, help prevent NAFLD, and help you live longer. Be careful with what you add to it in reference to sugar, cream and milk.

Stick with lowfat dairy or unsweetened almond milk and reduce sugar as much as possible. Enjoy your coffee and know that there are health benefits to drinking it as long as you stay mindful of those added ingredients that can affect your fat loss and weight loss journey!

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