Thanksgiving- A Time of Gratitude and Renewal

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as the weather slowly cools down, the holiday season approaches with a new feel to it. Let’s begin the season with an open heart and our cup of love to share. As Thanksgiving season approaches, it is a time for being grateful for what we have and know that no matter where you may be in your life right now, know that you co-create with God and the Universe and with an open heart, the power of love, and a willingness to take the steps necessary to live our best life, all is possible!


As we continue on our journey to transform into our greatest selves, let’s pause for a moment and know that we have the power to live our most authentic lives by transforming our mind, body, and soul. This may prove difficult at times, but having faith in the divine and our chosen path, we can focus on what we want to manifest in the earthly world. We can co-create our reality with a positive mindset. Let’s get busy and do what we came here to do! Go within and manifest our best life! Now is the time!


Taking care of our health and wellness is vital during this time. We can enjoy healthy, tasty dishes for the holidays without feeling guilt and without ditching all of the hard work that we’ve done throughout the year.


Practicing mindful eating, moderation, and continuing with our goals, we do not have to stray too far from our desired weight goals. If we work on the principles learned, or if we’ve forgotten some of those principles, contact me at Nutrition Wellness- and let’s get back on track. You can live your best life and align mind, body and soul to reach your highest self’s calling to transform into the best version of yourself!


As a kid growing up, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving. The tasty food, getting together with family and friends, and enjoying the traditional dishes known to many that really symbolize the holidays. I try to continue these traditions in my own family and hopefully, build upon these core values and manifest what I want in my own reality.


As I evolve, I am facing my own challenges, and learning about my own journey-never wavering to transform into my greatest self- embracing the challenges and difficulties along the way. With a profound inner knowing and faith in God and the Universe’s plan for me, I know I am embracing my path on following my divine calling.


Make your Thanksgiving dinner special by either carrying on those of your own family traditions, with our added flare or may be adding a new recipe, to enjoy the holiday season. Sweet potatoes are a favorite side dish of mine. Growing up, I loved the Thanksgiving style recipe which consisted of sweet potatoes, brown sugar, flour, and butter.


Potatoes as we know are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and manganese. One way to make this dish yummy is to buy Yukon Gold potatoes, known to be a rich, golden color and creamy in texture. Add olive oil (your healthy fat) , salt and pepper, butter and the magic ingredient- a clove of garlic- to create a wonderful, tasty dish! Sprinkle on chives and rosemary for a finishing touch and enjoy!


Remember, with moderation in mind and sound knowledge of healthy whole foods to eat, you can enjoy holiday meals without feeling the guilt. Feel free to book a consult with Nutrition Wellness and get on your path to transforming into the greatest version of yourself today. Call 901-321-5033 and let’s get this process started. Believe in yourself as I believe in you!


Believe it and you will achieve it!


Book your nutritional consult with Nutrition Wellness today at 901-321-5033 and get started on your journey to transforming into the greatest version of yourself!


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You are all awesome and amazing and I hope to see your soon!








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