Nutrition and Wellness: How to Feel and Look Good

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Nutrition and Wellness: How to Feel and Look Good

Nutrition and wellness importantly focus on how to not only feel good, but also on how to look good. How can nutrition help one to not only feel good within, but also look good on the outside? This is an important question. Nutrition is so vitally important to not only feeling healthier and good on the inside, but also looking great on the outside. Why is this? First, taking care of our bodies physically will translate into looking good on the outside. Eating well, staying well-hydrated, exercising, abstaining from smoking and drinking, limiting sun exposure, all help take care of our physical and inner being. After watching the Superbowl halftime show this past weekend, I absolutely could not resist touching on this topic. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on another terrific performance and are truly inspiring and look amazing (I love them both).  Their performance allowed for a positive, energetic vibe to be felt and I found it to be a real treat to watch since I, and so many, love their music.

Listening to the radio shows the next morning, I hear comments like- how can J Lo perform so unbelievably at 50? Here we go again…. I believe ageism is unfortunately a huge part of our programming, and unfortunately society, helps foster this every time I hear comments like this. Let’s talk a little about it and how it relates to nutrition and wellness. Society is constantly telling us what to think, what to wear, what kind of car to drive, and what age is considered young, etc. We are constantly being bombarded with commercials and manipulation techniques to brainwash our thinking into believing certain concepts or ideas, such as 50 is over the hill. Shouldn’t this judgement be made up to the individual, since we are all so very different. The reality is that we are the co-creators of our reality and have the ability to see through our own looking glass. In essence, we determine what we see fit for ourselves, regardless of age, race, or stereotype.

After all, isn’t it true that J Lo looks approximately 25 and performs as such. Isn’t it also true that there are also 25 years olds out there that say they feel old and may look years older than their age. After all, I hear some saying it around me. Looking years, or decades younger, and most importantly, feeling good on the inside, I believe correlates with 1) Eating well and visiting Nutrition Wellness  2) Staying hydrated (drinking lots of water) 3) Exercising regularly (cardio and strength), 4) abstaining from smoking/drinking, 5) limited sun exposure and very importantly 6) An extremely positive and loving mindset goes a long way into looking and feeling good, both on the inside and out. Genetics of course may play a little role here too, but I do believe we can all look phenomenal at any age. Yes, some may be more financially abundant (i.e. celebrities), or have better genetics, however all is possible with the right mindset and healthy goals.

We are many times told that we cannot wear a certain outfit or hairstyle past a certain age because society deems this to be inappropriate. We are slowly being brainwashed and manipulated into believing societal so-called norms are what goes. Little do they know, once we step into our empowerment and have a true sense of our values, the societal “brainwashing” dissipates. We become co-creators of our reality and set the boundaries- not society doing it for us and then nobody can question us. If they do, we’ll be ready for our profound response based on self-empowerment, not so-called “societal rules” that opt in and out based on what the latest fads are. Of course, we are still going to care what others may think of us to some extent. We are human. However, once empowered, we don’t allow societal norms to be the “be all and end all of our existence.”

We choose what is right or wrong based on our own intuition and existence and do not feel ostracized or isolated if we go against this societal norm. Manipulation, fear tactics, and social isolation fall by the wayside when we are authentic and stand in our all-knowing truth. Truth is that We create our own reality with a positive mindset and healthy goals, to transform into the best version of ourselves. Nobody can do it for us, and nobody can take it away from us, unless we give them the leverage and power to do so. If we are empowered, we will not even question it. It will be all-knowing. We can adapt healthy habits – eating well, exercising, eliminating smoking/drinking, limiting sun exposure and importantly, being a pleasant, positive individual who wants to raise the vibration of the planet. We can feel and look our best at all ages if we understand the power of positivity and follow the items mentioned above. Believe it and you will achieve it is what I like to say. Looking great is not designated only for the rich and famous! We all can and should develop self-empowerment to express it, look it, and feel it!

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